A Planetary Recipe for Fear

A Planetary Recipe for Fear

For several months we have had a transiting opposition of Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. While at first I thought this might bring some struggles with rigidity and taking fixed positions in government etc., what I have come to see is something even more insidious: FEAR.

As I work with clients, talk with friends and acquaintances and read or listen to the news what I hear is fear. People are terrified the entire world is about to come crashing down on their heads and they are acting badly because of the fear.

Saturn in Virgo is manifesting as a desire to have the details taken care of but a fear that the excess being revealed by Uranus in Pisces will destroy everything. While the excesses being revealed under Uranus in Pisces are horrendous (especially financial excesses) cracking down rigidly in fear and hoarding or not helping those who ask for your help — and criticizing them — is not the way to handle things well. Criticism is a response of fear. It is a fearful attempt to erect boundaries by drawing lines in the sand in order to stop feeling powerless.

Fear can destroy you by winding you up internally with mental obsessions that become physical pains. You cannot think straight so you cannot make good decisions and the bad decisions that result throw you into deeper fear.

Like former President Roosevelt once said, all we have to fear is fear itself. Fear is actually the biggest problem you have.

Let go of the fear!

Start intentionally breathing deeply and planting your feet on the ground. Eat as well as you can afford and regularly. Drink plenty of water. Stop listening to, watching and reading the news if it is upsetting to you. You can actually live your life without being caught up in a constant news stream of negativity. What god does it do you to hear over and over during the day that there was a mass killing, a bank failed and more houses are being foreclosed upon. Take my word — you already know these things are happening in the world so stop obsessing about it. Read some positive books and watch positive TV shows or listen to positive radio programs. Find a good DVD like “The Secret” or “The Pink Panther and fill you mind with positive thoughts and relaxation. Take a 30 minutes walk once a day.

Where you place your focus is important. The power of focus is the key to success, peace and prosperity. Calm focus helps bring solutions and solutions is what is needed. Use the energy of Saturn in Virgo to make plans and the energy of Uranus in Pisces to break out of old inefficient patterns and do a new thing — so you can get a new result.

Now is the time you can get your finances straight, learn to budget and get your spending under control, change habits, confess to the excesses (be they financial, sexual, emotional etc) and set things on a better path. Now is the time to make decisions instead of sitting on the fence and doing nothing — because you now know that doing so only causes more problems and more fear. Once you make a decision to move forward instead of going backwards, you have a new and exciting beginning.

Isn’t that what being an evolved human being is all about?!

Do a new thing today! Be a new creation!


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