Consulting Astrologer & Certified Professional Tarot Reader

First, it is about YOU

You are a woman who knows she has a right to live a  magical life. You have crazy-big, crazy-wonderful opportunities in store for your career and yourself. You strive to achieve your wildest dreams in a sustainable, authentic, feel-good way. You don’t settle for complacency or mediocrity.

You highly value your well-being and you know this is the foundation of  true success. This means you want a work life blend of passionate and deep love, family, friends, satisfying work projects, luxury, travel, home-cooked meals, solitude, exercise and spiritual growth.

You embrace your full potential, ready to make the money and impact you desire, however you realize that you are having difficulty integrating everything it takes to have this result.

You seek personal development and are committed to self-improvement.

You are unique. You adore the world. You inspire, uplift and take care of others. You want to live a life of contribution, generosity, and impact. But doubt, worry, and stress often leave you wondering: is it possible to have the success, sanity, and happiness all at once?

We can make this journey together.

Your future is not written in the stars. While the stars guide us, we create our future. It’s up to us to decide where we want to go, develop our resilience and stay the course with our intended desires. Let’s partner to make your dreams come true.


Now, About Me

I am obsessed with astrology, business, and evidence-based science, particularly as it pertains to women’s health, success, and well-being. I’ve dedicated my life to helping women like you, amplify their impact, maintain their health, and enjoy their lives. I am here to inspire you into action, help you hear the voice of your soul, own your super powers, heal your shadow, and honor your health as you move towards your most significant life goals.

Thank you for choosing to work with me! I focus on solving problems rather than giving general readings. Please be very detailed and specify what topic or issue you want me to address in your consultation. First, order/purchase your consultation, then please book it and  put all your information in the booking form.

Astrology and Tarot consultations are a clear and concise way to access the clarity, insight, information and counsel you need to make the best decisions you can for your life.

Both can reveal the shadow truth in your life situations as well as point towards the best path for you to choose. Tarot readings provide strong insight about past, present and current situations, as well as how you can best proceed in a situation.

Undergoing major life changes? Do you need support connecting with your purpose in life? Do you feel confused and frustrated by a relationship? Problems in your financial life? DO you want clarity in any situation so you can make better decisions, resolve problems and live a happy life?

How It All Began

I am a woman with a Sun and three other planets in Virgo opposed by and a planet and the asteroid Chiron in Pisces. That has manifested in the physical realm in my life through my calling as a journalist and as a priest. It has manifested as experiencing and witnessing a lot of suffering — and wanting to be a healing force. On the spiritual realm it manifests as being service and healing to others through use of my spiritual and intuitive gifts. I worked as a counselor and spiritual guide. Eventually I opened to all of my spiritual self and acknowledged my early beginnings with Tarot and astrology as a child. Once I opened to it, my spiritual life became even more authentic and fulfilling. I knew I could help more people and heal people by giving them insight and helping them to better understand themselves and their purpose.


I love what I do because I am doing what I love. 

My Journey

My nom-de-plume, Specialwoman, came about when I got on the internet in 1996,  as a reminder to myself to have faith in myself as someone who special to God (as is everyone) and to treat myself well. It was a reminder to stop suffering and start living and appreciating the life I have been given. It can be hard for we Sun in Virgo people to take care of ourselves because we get so wrapped up in taking care of and serving others! We forget to enjoy life! I have always worked and volunteered in Virgoan/Piscean areas and Healing Universe is clearly a Piscean blossoming of my spirit. When I conceived of it, it was immediately in the flowing and rich colors of purple and green.

As I began my astrological consulting and the Tarot readings with clients, they affirmed to me repeatedly (and do to this day) that I am a “Specialwoman” in empowering them.

My spiritual life is very rich and I am very attuned to Spirit. I spend a lot of time in prayer and I am very very sensitive to people’s spiritual energy and emotions. Therefore, I am an introvert and very private. It allows me to use my energy well in service to people like you. I do, however, enjoy being a vessel to communicate Spirit’s guidance in order to inspire, empower, motivate and assist people in being joyful and success in life.

My style? Very direct, no-nonsense and sometimes blunt, because I talk to you from the authenticity of the heart. I talk to you as I would a family member, but always with a professional approach.

I tell you the truth and sometimes, well often, it is painful. But honey, I am down there in the trenches with you, empathetically feeling the pain. I have truly been there and done that. I have been through the stages of grief many times over in the cases of actual deaths and in the losses of relationships and circumstances. I have love and compassion for all the people to whom I teach, guide, give readings to or for whom I consult. I also want to see you experience joy, be abundant and manifest the good life you desire.

Experience the power and magic of working with me as a client.


30 minutes: $75

60 minutes $150

90 minutes $200

Career & Business Consultation (60 minutes) $350


**First ORDER (and pay for your consultation, then BOOK your consultation time). Your appointment time will be cancelled if not accompanied by a payment.



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