Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – October 18, 2013

Aries Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – October 18, 2013

balancepartnershipThis is an an intense week for relationships with others, with the impending second of three lunar eclipses for 2013 taking place on Friday October 18, 2013.

This lunar eclipse will occur at 25°45′ Aries  at 4:38pm PST/7:38pm EST. That means for Europeans it will occur on October 19 at 1:38am. The opposition point will be 25°45′  Libra. It will be visible from the Africa and the Americas. Anyone with personal natal planets and points at approximately 20 to 30 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) are and will be feeling the effects most intensely.

It will last almost four (4) hours, so the  affects of this cardinal lunar eclipse will be felt for about four (4)months, until mid-February 2014.

With the spotlight on Aries and Libra, a key word is relationships. Eclipses are about polaritites and relationships and the latter is highlighted with this lunation. While we are feeling pushed to our limits, goaded into impulsive action and forced into conflict (Aries), we are actually being called to retreat, sit back and take some time to gather information adn think about a peaceful solution. (Libra). We need to ask questions (Libra) before taking action (Aries). We need to balance feminine energy (Libra) with masculine (Aries). We need to make love (Libra) not war (Aries).

Compromise and cooperation are the key to this eclipse. By doing this, we sleave the past in teh past, stop projecting into the future, and therefore stay in the present moment.

We have a Cardinal Grand Square highlighting this eclipse — Moon in Aries, Sun in Libra, Jupiter in Capricorn and Pluto in Capricorn — but only for a moment. The Moon will obviously transit forward and it will be like having one leg of a four-legged chair broken out from under you. The key will be BALANCE.

Balance yourself with Jupiterian compassion and caring,  Libran peace and openness to partnership, and Capricorn determination to progress forward. The Full Moon in Aries will bring to the surface the emotions that need to be expressed regarding any controlling, manipulative and encroaching attitudes or deeds. They will be confronted and aggressively dealt with this week and next week (most strongly), and certainly over the next four months until mid-February 2014.

Do not try to control or manipulate other people; it will now explode in your face as a result of this eclipse energy. (Or you can expect it to in the next four months). You will be more than embarassed and hurt. This eclipse is to inform you that you have lost or failed at whatever you were trying to achieve by being unfair, controlling or manipulating someone.

You can also expect some surprises this week or next, through October 25, because this is a Full Moon lunar eclipse and Full Moons correct our course in life. That is, they bring about change by giving us opportunity to change our beliefs and our lives. Eclipses empower us to do it  in unexpected ways.

Controlling and manipulating another person in a relationship will cause explosions at this eclipse as it is a time when people will break free. Strong felings will burst through the barrier of intellect and people will refuse to be manipulated any futher  — they will stand up for themselves.

How will this affect YOU? It is your Ascendant that determines what houses the planets transit and where aspect and events such as eclpses occur. If you do not know your Ascendant or Rising Sign, order a natal chart. Once you have your Ascendant, look for it here and get a handle on how the eclipse will affect you:


Aries Asc: This lunar energy is all about enthusiasm, extra energy and th movitation to be your authentic self. Without anger, but with pioneerig detemrination, detemrin what makes you happy and follow your desire. Stand up for yourself now.

Taurus Asc: Avoid overwhelm and exhaustion by getting extra sleep, treating yourself to some good food and a massage or hot bath. Spend time with family. You will find yourself refreshed and strengthened.

Gemini Asc: Think carefully before launching new initiatives. Examine what is already on your plate and tend to that first because whatever impatiently distracts you now is likely to fall apart later. Stay open to new connections!

Cancer Asc: Emerge from your self-protective shell and enjoy all the people who want to be with you. A friend could become a romantic partner under this energy. Professional changes you’ve needed for a long tme cna occur now.

Leo Asc: This lunar energy demands you manage money better. This eclipse is to teach you that you will increase your wealth and improve your love life through recognizing your limits, finding balance and eliminating excessive giving. You cannot buy love.

Virgo Asc: Determine your core values and define your boundaries under this lunary energy. Use this eclipse to  and take stock of your possessions. Your independence is important. You are no one’s slave. When you’ve done all this, you will be in a great position to partner with someone.

Libra Asc: Expect the unexpected from others around you and stay calm while the storm rages. Be compassionate and take a gentle spiritual approach and the information you need will eventually reveal itself. Think about whether the partnership is worth fighting for again or whether you whould find a more agreeable partner.

Scorpio Asc: Refine your organizational skills at work and build a more solid foundation at work. Do this rather tha start new projects and launch big changes. You are great with slow, steady efforts.You will be pleased with the result.

Sagittarius Asc: You like to tease, play, taunt and generally have fnd with people in work or leisure settings but it is wise not too go too far. It could cause an explosion. FUn is to be had, especially around love, but be sure to realisitcally assess the risks.

Capricorn Asc: Calcification is bad for bones and bad for the mind, too. Release a habit, method or person where things have gotten too explosive in the last few years. Be flexible and realize it is time for a change before they take a scorched earth policy and break from you in anger.

Aquarius Asc: Innovation, new ideas and new approaches come quickly and are expressed in passionate conversations now. Learning ne things is sure to happen. Be sure to cover the details.

Pisces Asc: Money matters grab your attention. Seek partnership with a trustorthy person in order to achieve economic independence. Clean up debt and get financially free and put an end to truly unnecessary financial obligaitons and expenses. You can live on less now so you can have more resources later. Avoid the get-rich-quick schemes that seem to be easier.

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