Balancing The Past Into The Present: September 24, 2014 – New Moon In Libra 2014

Balancing The Past Into The Present: September 24, 2014 – New Moon In Libra 2014

newmoonlibrabalanceBalancing and Clean Slates – New Moon in Libra

On Wednesday, September 23, 2014, the Sun enters the relationship sign of Libra sets the stage for the upcoming eclipses in October, and the focus is heavy upon relationship issues and finding a sense of self in the process. Pluto has been retrograde for five (5) months, which means its energy has been weakened. Now, that this powerful little planet moves forward, the coming week or seven days afterwards offers a final opportunity for heavy relationship heavy breakthroughs, dramatic relationship changes, and serious realizations about the other person in the relationship (who they really are, what they really mean/meant to your life) what you are losing by losing them, what you are gaining by leaving them).

To help make these dramatic relationships changes, heavy relationship breakthroughs and serious realizations easier and more balanced (Libra loves balance!), there is a lovely new moon at 1º Libra at 2:14 AM EDT in the USA/ 8:14 AM CEST in Central Europe on Tuesday September 24, 2014.

The New Moon on Wednesday September 24, 2014 is at 1º Libra and carries a triangular relationship theme. It is about taking the activity and energy of the past, discarding what is no longer worthy of us and what we have outgrown and adding it to our knowledge. Then we create a new balance in our relationships in the present by no longer staying focused on the past. We must bring the past that is honorable, true, loving, fruitful, purposeful and intelligent into the present. We must bring out best selves. We must make choices to do this. This is not so easy but it is certainly achievable. The scales can be balanced in our relationships with intimates, family, friends and colleagues. We can be diplomatic in our speech and loving in our behavior. Pluto helped us move forth by shedding what had served its purpose, learning for what we lost and now we stand ready to rebuild. The house has burned now yet we are safe. The burnt empty shell has been cleared away and we have had divine assistance to prepare ourselves for a new home. Now, we are able to joins hearts and hands and move in. We can cross the threshold under this New Moon in Libra and start to make a new life together. Next month at the New Moon in Scorpio we will do some serious christening of our relationships and home, but right now the focus is on building new abundance in our lives.

Libra governs love and money, marriage and partnerships and money or what we value, When we neglect one or the other we get out of balance and life loses it pleasure. What is money without love? You can have love without money, but love is certainly is better with the money to create experiences that bring more happiness and joy. I am not a believer in poverty as holy. Wealth or abundance is a good thing. It is what you do with your money that is important.

Libra is all about LOVE. Are you in need of new love? I know many of us are! SO many relationships got knocked to the ground, crumbled and turned to dust with Saturn in Scorpio these last two years. I know for many that Pluto in Capricorn has for several years been a grindingly slow active participant in their relationships. Remember, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Deep, dark, ugly stuff has come to the forefront about sex and money and people have had to face themselves and/or their partner in a harshly vulnerable and painful process. With this New Moon in Libra there is the ability to put to death the past that cannot be changed and take the nuggets of gold mined in the darkness and create a valuable and stable bond. When you come to realize there is no value in more name-calling, more anger, more blame, more wrongdoing more hiding and running away, more secrets, more lies and other negative things, you can awaken to a more mature state of being. When you realize you still love one another, that is something on which you can build, not that the dross has been washed away and the false foundation has been removed. You can build anew.

I often see people wondering how they can ever come back from the ugly depths to which they and their partner have gone. Here is the simple answer: Put the past behind and let it be dead. Stop reviving the monster. Leave the mummy in the crypt. Let the past be the past.

Balance is the Key

The New Moon in Libra tells us BALANCE is the key. Focus on the fact that you LOVE one another and go from there. All you say and do should be about the other person and have love at the core. Both of you must compromise. Put on the table between you the one most important fact: you love one another. Determine that because of that LOVE, in the present, you will work together in an unselfish manner to balance your common life together and create an abundant future. Together you will build the wealth of your relationship, the abundance of your love and yes, the creation of your material wealth together as good caretakers of the talents, abilities and abundance given to you. Life is better together and togetherness requires BALANCE.

New Beginnings

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, and this Venus ruled moon in Libra deals with issues around marriage, justice and money/finances in particular,  and in general around relationships with others.

Despite how foul and dark things have been between you and the person you ave loved  the New Moon in Libra is a divine spiritual message that you have the opportunity to apologize and making things right, and get a clean slate for the present and future. Apologize and commit — get engaged or married finally and stop abusing the other person, Under the New Moon in Libra (the relationship, love and marriage sign) the other person is much more likely to forgive you and accept your offer of a balanced and committed future.

Act from your heart, not your head, because your head has really screwed up things. Venus-ruled Libra show us that the heart is what matters.

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