Beautiful Dreams Do Come True – July 31, 2015 – Full Moon in Aquarius

Beautiful Dreams Do Come True – July 31, 2015 – Full Moon in Aquarius

The Full Moon in Aquarius takes place early in the morning tomorrow for people on the West Coast, less early for East Coast and in the afternoon for people in Central Europe. Regardless of when it occurs, use it and the following 10 days to make the most of your life!


What house in your natal chart is blessed by this lunation at 7º 55′ Aquarius (so, 8º Aquarius)? That energy will be sustained for about 10 days and you should take advantage of it. Get out there and shine because just after it occurs, Venus will retrograde back into Leo, joining the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in Aquarius.


That is some powerful spotlight on one area of your life!


The Moon will spend Friday and Saturday in Aquarius. before shifting into Pisces where she will conjunct Neptune. The Moon and Neptune are powerful energies when combined. Your spiritual life will get a boost as well as will your creativity.


Promote yourself in some area of your life, allow the spotlight to shine on you and have faith that whatever you wish (wish hard!!) will come true. Have the innocent and powerful faith of a child, where nothing is impossible. Work that wishing energy Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and watch things fall into place after that!



Sabian Symbol: Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation 8 Aquarius  is Beautifully Gowned Wax Figures On Display. It speaks to being in the spotlight, creating something beautiful and attractive that is available for everyone to see, and getting praise and attention for it. But also remember, wax melts in the heat of the Sun if there is  too much of it. Check your ego and do not let yourself get out of control. Enjoy and play, have fun and keep the faith — but do not trample on others and disregard other’s boundaries.


This Full Moon in Aquarius and the buildup to it is revealing people “vogueing” — striking a pose like a fashion model, strutting their stuff where everyone can see — an when it involves an inauthentic person, there will not only be attention paid, but who knows what else. It may or may not be a good thing! Ego, ego.


LIfe has been about superficial display, reputation (maintaining a false one perhaps for social acceptance in a certain group), and having an image that is more important than the content. Again, ego, ego!


That ends now. The wax will melt in the Sun and become an ugly mess on the floor for all to see.


Where this lunation is taking us is to the quest degree of 9 Aquarius, which is A Flag Is Seen Turning Into An Eagle. Something which has been purely symbolic and an image is now becoming real, alive and committed. It is taking on noble character, to be honored and respected. It is about truth. There will be a demand for truth adn authenticity — and some may not like it, preferring their life to be one of beautifully-dressed wax figures putting on a show in a window.


Blain Bovee notes that the eagle is a predatory animal so this quest symbol — the place where we are to take this Full Moon in Aquarius energy in our individual lives – demands much of us:


An eagle is a predatory bird, one with a powerful beak and sharp talons. When something transpires that is the symbol, cypher, or trigger for a predatory or fierce response in a person’s emotional reality, there could easily be a flash of eagle like aggression… perhaps shriek of intense bother… a flash of talons seeking to pierce the flesh of the perceived offender of the moment.


This Sabian symbol is speaking to moving from the false but attractive facade (the wax mannequin in pretty clothes) represented in the spotlight and on the stage of life to becoming an authentic, member of society, a committed honored and respected leader. The flag is a symbol and blows in the wind; the eagle is real and soars majestically through the air and in life.


Something, some area of your life, that has been lifeless will become animated and alive. Emotions will be provoked where there were no expressions of them. It may make you or others feel or be aggressive — but tone it down. Yes, watch your tone, and let the tense, sharp words and actions be softened by the warmth of the August Sun. We have recently seen what happens when someone is putting on show, living a facade of being powerful etc. Cecil the Lion, a beautiful symbol of Leo, was murdered (tortuously killed, skinned and beheaded over two days) by an arrogant American hunter who had been banned in the USA from hunting and was not allowed to do it anywhere else.


Work together with other people and avoid sinking your sharp talons and beak into their soft tender parts. Be quick to be flexible. Be quick to show emotion — it does not make you weak. Be nimble and flexible in action, emotion and disposition. Working together with others is far more fulfilling than sinking sharp talons into each other. Warm up to whoever you need to and get on with whatever must be done to heal your relationship and move forward. Express, listen to, have deep sympathy for and listen to the highly charged emotions linked to the past. In that way, they can be released and the wounds healed. It will make for a the start of a beautiful relationship.


You may need to do this with yourself; you may need to do it in relation to and with another person.


Where does 8 Aquarius and 9 Aquarius fall in your natal chart? If it is on your Sun, Ascendant, Descendant Midheaven or IC, expect some significant changes in the next 10 days if you put in the work to make. Things really will work now — and dreams really DO come true!


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