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I am excited to meet and work with you.

I connect with:

  • Tarotpreneurs and Tarotistas to empower you through coaching and mentoring to grow a financially prosperous and personally rewarding Tarot practice
  • Tarot Students to empower you to understand the Tarot and accurately interpret your own Tarot reading for your personal insight and growth
  • Spiritual Seekers to empower you through astrological consultations and Tarot readings that transform your personal and professional life


You can do this exciting work with me in these ways:

Hire Me As Your Coach

Ask anyone who knows me! I am a passionate woman entrepreneur bursting with awesome viable ideas and insight. With 20+ years in counseling and coaching I am an expert at empowering people to reach success. My clients include multimillionaire entrepreneurs and business owners.

After two years of floundering in the Tarot business wilderness I found Specialwoman and got back on the path. Not only that, I was able to finally quit my part-time housecleaning job and work from home. Now I am earning enough to make a real contribution to our family expenses. I am so thankful!.


Achieve your dreams with my  Grow Your Tarot Business coaching program

Book a Tarot Reading with Me

I am a Certified Professional Tarot Reader (American Tarot Association) based in La Jolla, CA and Copenhagen Denmark with nearly 20 years’ experience reading Tarot cards for over 100,000 clients online and in-person. My clients include thriving homemakers and parents, professional executives and project managers, college students, young married couples, people in midlife transition and people seeking a meaningful retirement phase of life.


Book a Tarot reading with me

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