Breaking Free To Be: March 20, 2015 – New Moon In Pisces Solar Eclipse

Breaking Free To Be: March 20, 2015 – New Moon In Pisces Solar Eclipse

mermaidtwotailsEmerging from the subterranean depths of a long and arduous journey that has been both spiritual and physical, we now have the freedom and opportunity to transform into a new being and manifest great changes in our lives. Bring on the New Moon in Pisces total solar eclipse!

We human beings will experience a 29º Pisces total solar eclipse at 2:36 AM PDT / 5:36 AM EDT / 11:36 AM CEST in Europe on Friday March 20, 2015.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun, thus totally or partially obscuring the image of the Sun from the perspective of Earth. A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon’s apparent diameter is larger than the Sun, blocking all direct sunlight, turning day into darkness. Totality occurs in a narrow path across Earth’s surface, and some will be able to view a partial solar eclipse.

A New Moon symbolizes the beginning of a new way of living, the beginning of a new cycle, the birth of something, emergence, clarity, a time of seeding for the future, a time to make conscious decisions about one’s future. A time for affirmations and starting new journeys.

The Sabian Symbol for the Pisces New Moon is Pisces 30. The Great Stone Face. The keywords are:  ideals become reality, vision, ambition, wisdom, good principles, creation will last a long time.

Another interpretation for Pisces 30 (Linda Hill) is: A Majestic Rock Formation Resembling A Face Is Idealized By A Boy Who Takes It As His Ideal Of Greatness, As He Grows Up, He Begins To Look Like It

Six Grandfathers

This Sabian Symbol  strongly reminds me of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It has a conflicted history:  It is a sculpture carved into the granite face of the Native America Lakota tribe mountain originally named Six Grandfathers near Keystone, South Dakota, in the United States. The Treaty of Fort Laramie (also called the Sioux Treaty of 1868) was an agreement between the United States and the Oglala, Miniconjou, and Brulé bands of Lakota people, Yanktonai Dakota, and Arapaho Nation signed on April 29, 1868 at Fort Laramie in the Wyoming Territory, guaranteeing to the Lakota ownership of the Black Hills, and further land and hunting rights in South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. The Powder River Country was to be henceforth closed to all whites. The treaty ended Red Cloud’s War.

Repeated trespassing violations of the exclusive Lakota land by Anglo (White) gold prospectors led to the Black Hills War. Migrant workers seeking gold had crossed the reservation borders, in violation of the treaty but there was no real consequence for their actions by the U.S. government. When Native American sought to defend their territory and  assaulted these gold prospectors, that was considered to be a violation of the Treaty of Laramie, so a war ensued. In that war, the U.S. government took Six Grandfathers in 1876 and seized the entire Black Hills land in 1877. It was renamed Mount Rushmore in 1885 by New York attorney Charles E. Rushmore during a gold prospecting expedition.

The United States of America has tried to pay the Lakota tribe money for the land rather than return the land to the tribe. On June 30, 1980, in United States v. Sioux Nation of Indians, the United States Supreme Court upheld an award of $15.5 million for the market value of the land in 1877, along with 103 years’ worth of interest at 5 percent, for an additional $105 million. The Lakota, however, refused to accept payment and instead demanded the return of their territory from the United States. In more recent proceedings the U.S. Courts determined that because some of the monies associated with the claim have been expended the money agreement is valid and the land does not need to be returned to these Native American tribes. Right now, several thousand tribal members have filed for and are awaiting for a final decision by the Court to decide to issue the resources to tribal members.

Like the granite face of Mount Rushmore there is a painful history, a conflict between sides that has become an entrenched war in your life. This involves an ancestral pattern and/or goes back about two decades. Look back to 1996. Something injustice and wounding has not been healed so it has been unable to be released. The conflict deepened over the last three years with the Uranus/Pluto square.

You have put forth a masculine, hard Mount Rushmore face, freezing your life into a massive granite last stand as you have either done injustice to others and abused your power to maintain the status quo OR been on the receiving end of the injustice and found yourself fighting daily just to stand against a manipulative, controlling, powerful enemy or situation. Now it is time for the conflict to be resolved. Now it is time for healing. Now it is time to move forth into the future – and to be fearlessly enthusiastic about the future you will create. 

A New Life Awaits

From another perspective, there is an intangible feeling of greatness when you stare at Mount Rushmore. It is an inspiration and magnificence that plants itself within you. It tells you that you can create and manifest your destiny of greatness in your sphere of influence. The fours faces that are emerging from the Black Hills of South Dakota are reminders of nobility, greatness, leadership and pioneering spirit.

This wonderful healing and compassionate new beginning in life symbolized by the New Moon in Pces on the Vernal Equinox is given energy by the degree following this New Moon. This degree is Aries 1: A Woman Rises Out Of Water,  A Seal Rises And Embraces Her.

A woman rising out of water brings forth images of a mermaid coming out of the ocean and onto land. In order to do so, she must transform and her tail and fins into legs and feet to walk upon land. Stepping out of the ocean, she could fall flat on her face and die; but she risks it and emerges onto land. She must fearlessly transform and release one way of living to enter into new habits and actions — and she does it.

By having the courage to overcome fear and initiate new projects, new habits, new relationships and new ways of being you will find new life and new love. You will be embraced by joy, harmony, peace and love. Draw on your feminine qualities, whether you are a man or a woman. Feminine energy is receptive, open, compassionate, spiritual, intuitive, harmonious and peaceful.

Aries, the first sign in the zodiac, is The Pioneer, The Initiator, The Leader. Step up and make a mark in this new world. Claim your place. So much magnificent potential lies ahead of you.

The new awareness you come to understand at the New Moon in Pisces is about you emerging to the forefront and standing on your feet before everyone, letting your voice be heard. But not only that; it is about the response you will receive.

The joyful thing is that not only will you be heard, you will be embraced, accepted and nurtured. Do not sink back into the secrets and lies you have been telling yourself and living in for year – maybe even as long as about 20 years. All it has done is create walls between yourself and others, create lines of defensiveness on your part, and led you to putting a lot of energy into trying to control and manipulate people. If you feel you do not have a voice and are not being acknowledged, start speaking the truth, living in the truth and aligning yourself with people who speak and living in the truth. You will initiate a new and satisfactory way of living for yourself.

Even when delays and disappointments occur you will still possess the unique and strong power to overcome any obstacles and make the changes necessary to transform life.  Do not use masculine energy to refuse to move on and refuse to make changes. The granite of Mount Rushmore was shaped by being blasted with dynamite and sculpted with chisels, hammers and drills. Take your past and shape it into the destiny you choose. Go into the future with passion and enthusiasm. Leave behind whatever needs to be left and go forth into the future.  past and emerge into life and love. Aries 1 is the degree of the Vernal Equinox – we begin a new astrological year.


This is a magnificent New Moon in Pisces, which is immediately followed by the Moon slipping into Aries and then the Sun shifting into Aries on the next day. The Sun and Moon join Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries AND Jupiter in Leo AND Saturn in Sagittarius. That is a lot of fire energy! That is flamboyant fiery fabulousness in the world!

Mercury in Pisces during the New Moon in Pisces and solar eclipse will require that you be compassionate and loving with yourself and others I advise that you remember this for at least two weeks. Be kind to yourself. Be gentle with others. Next, embody Aries (fierce, sexy, dangerous, brave, bold, daring, pioneering) by taking action and keep it moving.

You may think it is tricky but it is not, to be both actively enthusiastic and self-focused while being kind and gentle to yourself and others. However it is possible. You can mind your business and initiate new paths and new processes in your life while working around other people and situations. If someone does not want to go forth at this time, you can go around them and when they are ready, if they become ready, they can catch up with you. Aries energy is leadership energy. Be a leader in your new life. Pack your bags and get in the car or on the plane. Go, go, go!

And let me ask you:

What are you bringing into your new life?

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