Breastfeeding Children: Jupiter in Leo 2014

Breastfeeding Children: Jupiter in Leo 2014

August 25.31, 2014 was Black Breastfeeding Week. Did you know that?

Jupiter entered Leo on August 16, 2014 and we are now firmly immersed in it. It means. among other things, we will have in our faces and on the center stage of life, matters involving children. Leo loves children — especially their innocent playfulness. Ensuring that children have all they need to live joyful lives will be front page news. It is no wonder that the issue of breastfeeding has popped up a few times this summer.

It seems there are people who associate women’s bodies only with sexual pleasure so they are upset that women breastfeed. Some of those are “okay” with breastfeeding but want the woman to hide away shamefully in a room where a baby receiving life-sustaining food can be pushed out of sight. They view breastfeeding as an optional “lifestyle choice” like deciding to have a cheeseburger rather than a hamburger. They are so focused on women’s breasts, genitals, and, well, entire bodies, as something solely and specifically designed to give men sexual pleasure that they want to deny that breastfeeding is a natural, instinctive bodily function for a mother and a life-sustaining health necessity.

marybreastjesusBlack Women and Breastfeeding

It is even coming to light, for those who did not know, that Black women have been discouraged from breastfeeding their children. Hospitals tend to not provide information adn training or provide very little. Bottles of powdered formula and pacifiers are encouraged to replace the breast. This is systemic racism.

According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the racial disparity in breastfeeding rates between Black and White communities is very real, with only 58.9 percent of Black women reporting to have ever breastfed their babies versus 75 percent of White women.

“We now know that increasing breastfeeding rates among Black moms could decrease infant mortality rates by as much as 50 percent. This makes breastfeeding a health imperative, not just a life-style choice,” said Kimberly Seals Allers, who is also the director of the First Food Friendly Community Initiative, a pilot project funded by the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

I recall many years ago learning about how Nestlé went into Africa and began a massive campaign to get African women to start using their formula from birth, rather than breastfeed.

Breastfeeding’s Jupiter Effect: Bigger Better Babies

 There are so many benefits to breastfeeding that you wonder why anyone would actively or passively discourage or not encourage it. Breastfeeding

  • results in higher birth weights
  • results in lower infant mortality
  • eliminates or dramatically reduces allergies
  • more quickly and deeply emotionally bonds mother and baby, creating psychological stability
  • protects your baby from a long list of illnesses
  • boosts your child’s intelligence
  • protects your child from obesity
  • helps prevent diabetes
  • helps your baby build a better, stronger jaw
  • reduces you stress level and reduces the risk of post-partum depression

Think about this: breastfeeding does not introduce multisyllabic chemicals, that you cannot pronounce, into a baby’s body.  Think about the fact that giving a baby formula does exactly that — and there are millions who have their babies on formula.

Food and feeding is a healing experience and many are wounded in this area of first food. Jupiter in Leo can change that.

Under Jupiter in Leo I think there will be an expansion in breastfeeding. I predict there will be a strong supportive emphasis on breastfeeding education once Saturn in Sagittarius comes into play and is trine  Jupiter in Leo. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Sagittarius governs education.

jupiterleochildren-1Growing Spotlight on Breastfeeding

August 25.31, 2014 was Black Breastfeeding Week

its second year with the launch of #BlackFamsRock, a unique social media experience designed to celebrate the power and beauty of black families and raise awareness about breastfeeding.  

Created in partnership with Lowekey Media’s SongBooth App, the #BlackFamsRock Experience invites families to upload a 30-second video of their family “rocking out” to their favorite family song, and then share it with their social networks, using the hash tag #BlackFamsRock.

Black Breastfeeding Week co-founder Kimberly Seals Allers said “Ensuring all communities have the opportunity to breastfeed is a matter of health equity, and has the power to transform the lives of moms and babies.”  


The California State Senate just passed a law requiring airports to have public nursing rooms so women can breastfed at the airport

(Illustration: Virgin Mary “lactans” Virgin Lactans, showing Mary breastfeeding Jesus , Painted in 1784. Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece)

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