Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is in the exacting and well-organized Earth sign of Virgo and will be through September 29, 2014. The simple, earthy beauty of Virgo is in full bloom.

Young woman in the meadow

Are you a person with Sun in Virgo? Venus in Virgo is great for all of the Virgos out there, because you will shine beautifully in the late summer sunshine, appearing extra magnetic and attractive. Single? It is great timing for single Virgos to be out and about, glowing magnificently.

Mercury is in the Air sign of Libra now and Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra is the sign that is in love with love! It means that the planet of love is in mutual reception with the planet of communication. Under this energy, while Virgo can be so in pursuit of brilliant intelligence, perfection and organization that it can seem critical, Venus will mollify that tendency. Anything that needs to be said will be done with diplomacy and gentleness…and some things will not be said at all in the spirit of harmony and cooperation — bringing out Virgo’s right-brained brilliance even more. Capitalize on this positive communication energy!

All in all it means that from August 25, 2014  through September 29, 2014, Virgo gets to reap the benefits of a month of lovely new beginnings, love, romance and cooperation.

Speaking of cooperation and negotiation, it is wise to get your negotiations and contracts in order before the end of the month because Mercury , the co-ruler of Virgo, will begin its shadow before the Mercury retrograde October 4, 2014. It will be retrograde in Scorpio, traveling back through Libra before stationing direct in Libra on October 25.

Stay gentle under Venus in Virgo by using the harmonic energy to make important decisions and sign contracts before the end of the month.

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