BRILLIANT REALITY: October 4-26, 2014: Mercury Retrograde

Getting REAL by Accomplishing goals in love and money by digging deep, using decoys and diplomacy and daring to put dreams in action will result in the accomplishment of goals in love and money and ultimately a brilliant future during the upcoming Mercury retrograde October 2014  in Scorpio/Libra.

sightseeingbus-1There is a Mercury retrograde October 2014 coming in less than a month. There is a solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio which Mercury Retrograde will activate three times, including stationing direct on this point. This means the theme of the October solar eclipse in Scorpio will be emphasized in all our lives. In order to bring home the message, we will see some dark, tough situations, circumstances and interactions with people during this time.

The Sabian Symbol for Scorpio 1 is “Tourists on a Sight-Seeing Bus”

This degree often shows the feeling of being separate, being an observer of life rather than a participant. You can feel like you do not experience reality because you are watching it like a mannequin from inside a department store window or a tourist on a sightseeing bus, watching how other people live.  During this three week period, there may be separation anxiety and a feeling that you are out of your depth, out of familiar territory and unable to connect with real life.  But you must, if you want to be successful — and it is possible.

The Mercury Retrograde October 2014 Journey

Mercury will station retrograde from October 4 – 26,   journeying from 2º Scorpio back to 16º Libra before stationing direct. It will hit the point of 2º Scorpio  again, completing the cycle on November 10. For a little over one month, we will be reviewing our decisions, deeply re-examining information and our very foundations, remembering the past and re-orienting our life plans. It may get a little bloody during this time because we may find ourselves in a struggle with someone or something as we seek to drag out what is in the basement.

Mercury conjuncts the North Node in Libra on September 17, 2014 before the retrograde period. Use it to prepare your plans, re-orient yourself and your projects and define your goals.

The very positive aspect of the launch of this Mercury retrograde is that this retrograde will, in the third decan of Libra (20º Libra – 29º Libra), also touch off Spica, one of the fortunate and brilliant stars. This decan is ruled by benefic Jupiter, which is transiting in glorious Leo at this time. We have big brilliance flavoring this Mercury retrograde period.

Use Your Honey

You can advance your agenda and by October 26 you will have accomplished much more than you would have dreamed you could do, if you rather think things through and then subtlely (Scorpio) use honey to attract what you want (Libra). Your plans can work out brilliantly if you use your head.

When the Mercury retrograde October 2014 begins, those who want to achieve unconventional,  daring or simply pioneering goals can do so — if they couch it in Libran qualities. That is, look beautiful and play dumb. Smile, use diplomacy, give some space and cooperation and release whatever it not absolutely necessary for your goal to be achieved. Do not fight any battles directly. Approach everything by letting others voice their opinions and take action. This won’t be wise in personal relationships as you will only set the stage for a huge blowup later because to will see you are being passive-aggressive; but it is good for business negotiations, and group situations.

In personal relationship, it is a case of needing to remember you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Men watch your tone with women, and use sweet words. Be gentle, be romantic, be generous with your love and money. Watch how it attracts your mate and inspires her to be more cooperative and plant her feet. The more presence and security you give her the more you get the love and beauty you want. The more peace comes to exist between you. Your personal and intimate relationship can become more brilliant and magnificent in its depth of feeling and tightness of bond if you act in an intelligent manner and use your honey.

The influence of this decan will provide a good fluffy cover for any unconventional and daring agendas you may want to slip by those in authority.  Spend this retrograde period constructing a very elaborate decoy! If you want to slip things by authority figures, use the entire retrograde period to construct an elaborate decoy/alternate impression. In this way you can push forward your more risque schemes. You will be surprised by what you can get away with by the end of this retrograde period.

sightseeingbus-2Be Humane

During this Mercury retrograde, the influence of Jupiter will open the door for humanitarian energy. People will want to get off the sightseeing bus of life and get real by getting involved. People will want to correct past mistakes in order to make the world a better place. People will want to clean up, re-organize and re-orient their lives so that they can live more harmoniously. There will be information released, likely from experts in the environment and other university researchers,  which undergirds this enlightenment effort. Spica and Jupiter will lend to the brilliance. Those who are against the movement will appear to be unintelligent and simply uncooperative.

You Snooze, You Lose

We have a POWERFUL solar eclipse at 0º Scorpio on October 23, 2014. Mercury goes forward on two days after it. We will be experiencing Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio, both trine Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune will heighten our intuition and give us direction about where we are headed and whether we are on the right track. Give yourself time to meditate and contemplate each day in order to ground yourself. Scrub with sea salt if you do not have a bathtub in which to soak in it. A mud bath would also be good. Remember the unreal feeling of being a tourist on a sightseeing bus? Get grounded in earth and water elements so you can focus on remaining in reality.

Mercury revisits the North Node in Libra again on October 21, 2014. Use it to  check in with your internal compass and if  necessary, re-direct and re-orient if you have gone off-course from your brilliant plans — be it romance, money or life in general.

People will want to put off until tomorrow what they could be accomplishing today. This is not so good. The people who will do best will get to work and do whatever is necessary and whatever is on the table. They will not procrastinate — because they now that tomorrow may never come — or at least if it does, the people and situations will have changed. There will not be the same degree or level of cooperation and room to negotiate as there was earlier. The fog will have lifted and you may find yourself unable to accomplish the last part needed for your goal to be completed. Stay actively involved and moving forth; do whatever must be done October 24 through November 10. After that, you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Mercury Retrograde Calendar

September 14 Mercury pre-shadow at 16º Libra
September 17 Mercury conjunct North Node
October 4 Mercury Station Retrograde at 2º Scorpio 10.03am PDT/1:03pm EDT/7:03pm CEST
October 13 Mercury enters combustion with Sun
October 16 Mercury conjunct Sun 
October 17 Mercury conjunct Venus, Mercury sextile Mars
October 21 Mercury conjunct North Node
October 23 Solar Eclipse at 0º Scorpio
October 20 Mercury sextile Jupiter
October 25 Mercury Station Direct at 16º Libra 12.16pm PDT/6:16pm EDT/12:16am CEST (October 26)
October 30 Mercury conjunct North Node
November 1 Mercury sextile Jupiter
November 7 Mercury sextile Lilith
November 10 Mercury post-shadow ends at 2º Scorpio

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