How Can I Boost My Coaching Practice? (Tarot)

How Can I Boost My Coaching Practice? (Tarot)

Jillian has been a coach for almost 20 years but in the last few years her practice has dwindled. She moved to a new area and then had to take time off form her practice due to external circumstances in her life. Now, she has had to take a full-time office job because she has barely any income from her coaching practice. Her personal life has also been troubled and and in general she is very discontent with her life. She came to me for a tarot consultation to get a short answer to her situation. 

My coaching practice means so much to me but with all the changes form moving to a new area, dealing with a bad relationship and not having the network to get started again. Now that the other issues are behind me I am still having trouble moving forward. Everything feels overwhelming and I do not know what Is should do or must do to get my coaching practice restarted and thriving. How can I boost my coaching practice?


The cards I pulled for this reading are part of a three-card spread:

Current Situation: The Empress

Obstacle: 2 of Swords

Advice: 3 of Cups

gilded2swordsThe Empress as your current situation infers that you are fertile with potential for growth and prosperity. You are a good coach who empowers and inspires people. You bring results and help people find solutions. You are a natural at nurturing people. All this potential is sitting there, available to you and able to be accessed.

The 2 of Swords is a card about the mental process in involved in your coaching practice situation. You know a decision must be made and you know the decision you must make. You are instead leaving your future up to someone else or something else. You are mentally acting helpless and not making a decision. You know you must take a new approach to this mental deadlock you are having about your coaching practice. The obstacle is your indecision.

The 3 of Cups represents what you can do to change your situation and bring prosperity to your coaching practice. This card asks you to start focusing on the abundance you currently have in your life and expand it through your mind. The 2 of Swords shows that your mind and the thoughts you are holding are hindering you from prosperity and progress.  It is time to put an end to the confusion and decide to take action. Start practicing the law of attraction, which you already know. Keep a gratitude journal ad bring magic back into your life. Throw a coaching party and invite people as a creative approach to getting the word out to the public about you and your practice. Then  make some plans to start marketing your practice. (I will suggest that you make the plans right now as Mercury is retrograde and then put them in action on July 1). You have so much to offer people and you have lost some of your confidence. Your temporarily lowered self-esteem is really the only thing hindering you from prospering.

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