Cardinal T-Square 2013: The Mars Exit Strategy

Cardinal T-Square 2013: The Mars Exit Strategy

distressThe Cardinal T-Square 2013

Do you have a long-standing situation in your life that has become a crisis? Are you feeling frustration/anger/rage over an abuse of power and authority by someone or a larger, perhaps corporate entity, government etc?

The conflict that Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn has signified in your life will soon be joined by Jupiter in Cancer (The Cardinal T-Square 2013) and you will get a clues as to the way out of the crisis. One of the ways out if through Jupiter and one of the ways out is through Mars. Today I will write about your Mars solution.

The Mars Exit Strategy

The planet Mars is transiting Cancer this summer, July 13-August 28 and later will transit Libra from December 8 2013 – July 27, 2014, when it forms a temporary Grand Cardinal Cross.

The entrance of Mars into Cancer will give a push to Jupiter in Cancer, pumping up its energy and making you feel a little more assertive about expanding your life in whatever realms you have chosen. You will have not only optimism but a little more courage.

You will get a little more of this effect October 15-November 19 as Mars transits Virgo and sextiles Jupiter in Cancer. Then, and very significantly, Mars enters Libra where it will retrograde, thus staying in Libra for 6 months, not only six weeks. It will enter December 7, 203 and stay until July 27, 2014, just after Jupiter enters Leo. Mars in Libra will bring us to the table to discuss, negotiate and resolve our conflicts, preferring words instead of bloodshed, to bring resolution.

The”missing leg” or “missing energy” to the Cardinal T-Square 2013 will appear with Mars in Libra.

Something Aries and Libra are not so well known for is their ability to be strategic. When Aries fights, it is blunt andMan and woman shaking hands isolated on a white background. forceful. When Libra fights, it does so passively, often making the other side be the one to engage in open conflict or say the nasty words or do the violence. But either way, Aries and Libra are strategic. They are capable of great strategy. In the Tarot, the Emperor is a seasoned warrior, a general, who has used strategy and successfully fought many wars. He knows how wage war and is not afraid of bloodshed if that is necessary for him to reach his goal. Mars rules Aries and now will be in Libra, its polar sign. Diplomacy will be employed as a strategy to bring resolution to and yes, aim to win whatever conflict is at hand.

Whatever your personal crisis and whatever collective or international crisis occurring the opposing parties WILL be forced to sit down and talk it out or use diplomacy to resolve the situation. Mars in Libra as an exit strategy is to call for peace talks. It is possible that you will need not only a mediator to sit between both sides, but also for a representative for each side to have the talks instead of you and the actual opposing party. Either way, Mars (assertiveness, aggression action) in Libra (diplomacy, beauty, art, balance) will help to facilitate a peaceful resolution to the crisis of who will be in control.

What is the crisis regarding freedom and individuality vs power and authority in your life? How have you handled the conflict so far?

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