Changing Yourself, Your Community, The World – Uranus Conjunct Midheaven

Changing Yourself, Your Community, The World – Uranus Conjunct Midheaven

Change Your World

If you have asked for your world to change and you have this transit, you will certainly get answer to your prayer in a BIG way. You enthusiasm and unique talents are on stage for the world to see and it rewards you for them.

Transiting Uranus conjunct Midheaven means Uranus is at the precipice to your 10th house of public reputation, name, fame, public recognition, your vocation and who you are in the outside world. At the same time, your home and family life (4th house) will also be in the spotlight as it will be greatly affected by whatever transpires in your 10th house Anyone in your household or 4th house life will also be affected by these changes and must adapt (quickly). What you want here is for this to be a series of GOOD and POSITIVE changes. With them you can change your world on any scale.

Individuality and Initiative

Because Uranus is in play, this is about your individuality and the assertion of it. If you have a rewarding career and your public profile reflects your authentic self. the sudden changes Uranus brings will be exciting, positive and life-affirming. This could include entering into entrepreneurship, getting a promotion, receiving permission for more flexible working hours or even getting to work form home or in another country. Maybe a new career happens now. Have you been unemployed before this Uranus conjunction to your Midheaven? You can now find a new career opens up to you with great clarity, ease and  speed. There may be no stress involved, if this new path if one where you can express your individuality and have freedom, both in line with the nature of Uranus.

Resistance Is Futile

If you resist change, you will have a very painful time. This is needed change, so embrace it. There will be psychological changes and you may feel strong mental pressure. This is normal.

But how does resistance look? It will reveal itself through depression, addictive tendencies, nervous anxiety, and feeling like your body is electrified/wired and you might explode at any minute. Are you clinging to a restricting career because of misguided loyalties? Are you drowning in fear or loss of security or an unrequited love connection?

On the other hand, have you been deeply and heavily burdened with economic loss and hardship instability and pressure from family members who are afraid that you are lost and will never find you way to a stable life? This transit of Uranus to your Midheaven will bring significant change that removes that fear from them and you.

The Exciting, Bright Future

Promotions and pay rises. New high-paying clients. Exciting opportunities to raise your professional profile.An increase and deepening of your intuition. Expansion of the role the internet plays in your career life. New  beneficial friendships and lucrative professional partnerships could also be formed. Golden opportunities you should not ignore will present themselves. Keep your eyes open Be aware of everything and be prepared to say YES unless there is a very solid and big reason to not do so.

This astrological aspect at the top of your chart starts an exciting year that affects your identity, independence, individuality, initiative and ability/desire to innovate. Entrepreneurship dramatically increases when this transit occurs. Some will be irritated or shocked, maybe even hurt at how quickly you make changes in accordance with your inner knowing. But urgent needs to make change are what this transit is about.The spiritual lesson is in making these changes. It will set you free. The geographical move or career move is what you need to do. The stimulating new opportunity you embrace will change your life. As radical as it may be, you can do this. Do not be surprised if you do not care who is upset with you for making the changes.

Whatever you want to move into, make plans, check out details, then make the leap to whatever it is that is calling you. One caution however — be very careful handling fast or dangerous machinery, including cars!

Uranus in Aries 2018

At the time that I am writing this, Uranus is in Aries at the last few degrees before moving into Taurus in a month. If this is your Midheaven placement, you have a wealth of career aspect coming into your life and they will make you wealthy as well as stabilize your life if you take good advantage of them.

This radical, pioneering, warrior energy of Aries is paired with Uranus so the change will be BIG and there is no stopping it. Those experiencing this transit have servant leadership all over them and they will be in your face about it. They will be facing off to the world, daring it to follow and not only enact change but be changed. They will change the world.

Order a Reading

Now is the time to order a reading for yourself on how this transit of Aries in the last degrees – perhaps on your midheaven or other angle in your chart, is likely to affect you. What destiny can you write with this. Order a 30 minute or 60 minute personal consultation and find out. If this is a business consultation, please order that one.



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