Choosing New Beginnings: February 18, 2015 – New Moon In Aquarius

Choosing New Beginnings: February 18, 2015 – New Moon In Aquarius

plantingseedsThe New Moon occurs at 3:47 PM PST / 6:47 PM EST  on Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at 29°59′ Aquarius. This is the second New Moon in Aquarius of the year and it is about choosing to plant new seeds.

The New Moon sits on the midpoint between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn. Uranus, ruler of this New Moon is already pressurized in a tightening square to Pluto. Aquarius’ traditional ruler Saturn is square the New Moon (Saturn is transiting the first few degrees of Sagittarius) so there is no release for the pressure. The sign of Pisces is right there…tempting us to escape rather than deal with the challenge. It is our tipping point. We have a choice. Our response to the challenging, pressurized, harsh, hard, rough, tough, painful occurrences in our society and personal relationships is OUR CHOICE.

It will be an opportunity to make a decision to transform yourself and your life. If you really want to make an innovative change, then this is this New Moon is the moment to have that shocking new haircut/color, risk being wrong, radically change your wardrobe, launch that controversial creative project,  dare to be different, or start/restart that relationship that defies convention but is your true love.

The Sabian Symbol for 30 Aquarius is “The Field Of Ardath In Bloom” and is a reminder to us that in the face of the pain and pressure of life we can choose transformation, renewal, revival, optimism, friendship, goodness, and happiness. We can make healthy choices, revive our souls and the souls of others and turn the wheel of fortune in our direction. All. Through. Our. Choices.

carlsbadflowerfieldsThe Field Of Ardath

The field of Ardath is mentioned in the Apocryphal Book of Esdras:

So I went, as he directed me, into the field that is called Ardath; there I sat among the flowers and ate of the plants of the field, and the nourishment they afforded satisfied me. — 2 Esdras 9:26

This field was a place of seven days of prayer and visions. If you read Chapters 9 and 10 you will earn that a woman appears who is grieving a great loss. She is told to look around her and see that there is greater grief than her. She is urged to be grateful for the joys she has received and what she has remaining in her life. She says she will not for it is her intention to remain in grief. She is admonished to choose to end her grief and to allow herself to be comforted and her pain to be relieved. She refuses, saying she intends to stay in pain. She is told that she will receive good when she chooses to release the pain she is carrying. She is basically told that she must choose to move forward to feel better and to release her pain. She is told to choose to feel better. She must intend to be happy, to have joy, to be open and ready to receive new blessings, restoration and revival.

It is a choice to continue grieving or wipe away your tears and start life anew. Sometimes we refuse to be comforted. We want to wallow longer in our grief or pain. We want sympathy and condolences but refuse to be consoled. We must be ready to dry our tears and move into another space or be open to a new way of being. We must intend it.

Set Your New Moon Intentions

The New Moon is perfect for setting intentions, planning new beginnings and planting new seeds for fresh starts. This is when the moon is waxing or growing. It is a time of expansion and launching. This is the best time to make a list of what you wish to have manifest in your life — those goals and plans that you want to see come to fruition in the next month. The New Moon in a tranquil and peaceful dark moon where seeds are planted in the fertile soil of life. There is great life-force at this time to empower your wishes and dreams.

Tell the Universe/Spirit wht you want. Lay it all out. Hope with all your heart. Ask like you did before you heard the word “no”. Ask believing you will receive simply because you have asked. Plow the spiritual field of this New Moon in Aquarius. Plant those seeds of your dream of renewed joy in the fertile belly of this Moon and watch it expand and be birthed into being.

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