Clarity in Love: August 30, 2016 – Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Clarity in Love: August 30, 2016 – Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

The third Mercury retrograde 2016 cycle starts on 30 August 2016 at 29° Virgo and ends on 22 September 2016 at 14° Virgo. Mercury retrograde August 2016 is a very loving and fortunate transit, sandwiched as it is between Venus and Jupiter. Your planned flight home may be delayed or cancelled but the circumstances that bring you to the flight you do catch will open your eyes and heart to the love of your life and/or a most wonderfully beneficial relationship.

Travels, studies and business deals can be undertaken with more confidence than during other Mercury retrograde cycles. Mercury direct does point to some minor adjustments or re-negotiation but the fixed stars involved point to profit and even marriage.

Mercury Retrograde August 2016

Mercury enters shadow zone at 14°49″ Virgo on August 10. During this pre-shadow phase you will get a glimpse of things to come. The actual retrograde starts August 30, 2016, at  29°04″ Virgo.

Be sure that before it begins you have backed up your data, websites, documents etc.  Buy your transportation tickets before August 30 or wait until at least September 23.

Venus and Jupiter will support this retrograde and make it a smoother one than normal. Venus in Virgo brings a loving eye to friendships which may become more than a friendship; it brings love and harmony in the midst of miscommunication. Jupiter brings generosity, travel and good fortune.

To be a little more specific:

Mercury conjunct Venus means it is now that you should tell someone you love them. It is good timing! Expect a possible letter, invitation, gift, compliment or even money. Negotiations and bargaining go well. Conflicts can find peaceful resolution. It is even a fairly stable energy for signing contracts, unlike in most Mercury retrogrades. Mercury retrograde makes it more likely that any new relationships will be actually be with old friends or lovers from this life or previous ones.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter heralds very good news coming in all forms of communication. Socializing scores positive results. Revived and new relationships and friendships will be blessed and fruitful. They will increase your wealth whether you are the person giving or receiving.

Venus conjunct Jupiter plainly speaks to love and money. This is when karma returns to you with positive force! Reap the blessings! New love becomes the focus of  existing friendships. If you are genersou to someone, expect that it will result in good things and you will not be taken advantage of. This is a time when whatever you give will be money well spent. You may give money and in return receive love like you have never known before in your life. Yes, this energy is THAT good!

There is also a fixed star in this retrograde that portends somde good news!

Fixed star Markeb at 29°06″ Virgo in the constellation of Argo grants broad knowledge, educational work, piety and profitable voyages. Markeb also represents the undertaking of spiritual quests involving learning and sharing of knowledge in the service of others. Love and marriage is all about serving each other’s spirit. The Jupiterian nature of this star supports  travel, study or business plans during this Mercury retrograde.

Mercury Stations Direct

Mercury stations direct at 14°49″ Virgo on September 22 and finally leaves the retrograde zone October 6 at 29°04″ Virgo . All that comes up during August 30-September 22 will now be in your face/sitting in your lap and waiting for you to act decisively. Now you can act. Here are some of the specific points that will be calling your name:

Fixed star Mizar at 15°552 Virgo symbolizes marriage and speaks to a relationship in which commitment and mariage is now an issue. Good fortune comes with followign through and comitting all the way to a wedding and through to a marriage.

Moon square Mercury indicates you will be arguing with yourself intellectualy aout ythe emotions (live you fel. Stop arguing, start feeling.

Mercury trine Pluto provides excellent powers of concentration adn focus as you go deep about how you feel feel. Now you can face your commitment fears and get past them y tlling yourself the truth, going deep and coming out the other side to love, harmony and peace in relationships.

All in all, this means a great, deep, profound clarity regarding love in your life. Wow! There is some relationship gold to be mined in this Mercury retrograde!

Where is the Mercury retrograde falling (15°-29° Virgo) in YOUR chart?

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