Clear Clutter – Saturn in Capricorn

Clear Clutter – Saturn in Capricorn

We are living in in a time when the messsage is clear – clear your space. We are being called to organize our lives snd handle our business. Right now, all the personal planets are in in Virgo and will be through the third week of September.  The universe Go, Creator, Spirit — is kindly inviting you to clean up your act, release the past ways of being, doing and having and get on with putting your life together. Otherwise you will not reach your goals.

I have lots of belongings on another country. I need to decide if I will live there part-time or not at all. I must not start collecting things here where I am AND it is apparent that I must do something about what I have there.  Either bring it to where I am two times a year or throw things out. Or do both.

Clutter is a symptom of indecision. Indecision will leave you weighted on the ground, rooted to the spot. You must decide if you want to succeed or not.

The Moon is in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, forming a grand trine with Mars in Leo and Uranus in Aries. That is an inspirational start!

It is a time that is  very fortunate (Sagittarius) for getting real (Saturn) and finding enetgy and inspiration (fire signs).

The Sun (strength, fertility) in Virgo (organization, analysis) trine Pluto (purge) in Capricorn (foundations, roots, business) is very grounding. Use it to pare down to what is necessary and most important.

Saturn in Capricorn will feel harsh. Back-breaking, bone-crushing, teeth-grinding harsh. You will have pain for not clearing cluster out and fircholding onto calcified artifacts, ways of behaving, attitudes, relationships and situations.

Use this Virgo energy time to organize and prepare for the best outcomes of Saturn in Capricorn: soaring high and receiving rewards for hard work and paring done before Saturn leaves Sagittarius in December.

The Full Moon in Pisces is with us the early morning of September 6th.  We entered this month under Metcury Rx so the impact of new beginnings is not as sharp. Throw out clutter and organize your space and life to make the most of the coming change energy.

With Mercury stationing direct Tuesday this sluggishness will begin to dissipate and by September 19 with the end of the Mercury Rx post-shadow life will feel more energized.

Enjoy this Labor Day holiday and use the rest to make your life better!

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