“You have something to tell the world”, I said to a client. “It is time for you to think it through and speak it out. Once you do, you will find your life advances more quickly than you every thought it would”.

communicatingThis client’s North Node was being conjoined by Mercury.  Even more powerfully transiting Mercury was conjunct his North Node in Gemini, the sign ruled by Mercury.

The North Node is your destiny in your natal chart. It is the lessons you are to learn in this lifetime. The South Node represents past lives and what you have already experienced. The sign and house placement show what you lessons are in this life and how you lived in prior lives.

When you experience the transit of Mercury to your North Node, you know where things stand in a situation. Things become very clear. You communicative and mental function are being called upon to empower you in the unfolding of your destiny. In the case of a conjunct aspect, is is very positive.

Mercury conjunct the North Node symbolizes the pursuit of your life’s destiny of human potential at the mental level and incorporating your communication skills. While you may not be  exactly conscious of what it is you need to do, you are likely to be focused on developing your mental awareness of that area of life (the house) symbolized by the natal placement of Mercury and the natal placement North Node. You ability to communicate in the matters of this house are being given your focus yet at the same time you may feel challenged in doing so.

Follow your intuition and listen to what you already know about your purpose in life, your destiny.  Have confidence in your ability to take in and process (learn) new information as well as communicate it to others. If you lack confidence in yoor mental abilities, you will not move forward towards your destiny.

This transit is an opportunity to say what needs to be said, in particular by you. You have the ability to communicate it. The South Node may want you to keep quiet because suppression of ideas, information or news feels more comfortable and familiar to your spirit (past lives), but that will only serve to hurt you.

Stay even during this time and do not become obsessed with your self, your destiny or your importance. Stay humble nad communicate clearly but with compassion.

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