CRIME OF PASSION: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – October 4-25, 2014

CRIME OF PASSION: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio – October 4-25, 2014

october2014We have an intense October month to live this year! We have two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde to contend with and the three will bring big changes to our lives through chaos, upheaval, change, opportunity, endings and new beginnings. Someone is getting cut out of your life or you are removing yourself/getting removed from someone else’s life and it may happen quickly.

Four things are necessary this October:

  1. attending to details and fact-checking
  2. having patience with yourself, others and situations
  3. being  flexible and expecting or anticipating delays
  4. reviewing things in detail and carefully handling those details

Mercury is stationing retrograde on Saturday October 4, 2014, so it is vital to be patient because there will inevitably be misunderstandings, miscommunication, and mishaps. Mercury rules all forms of communication and transportation.  so there are challenges this month with planes, trains, and automobiles, as well as computers, USB sticks, DVD players, camera, cell phones internet communications (Facebook, social media etc), etc. Look for the usual Mercury retrograde computer problems and electronic breakdowns, mechanical car issues, travel delays and postponements (and a few cancellations, just to name a few of the possibilities.

Sabian Symbols

The retrogade occurs at 2º18′ 45″ Scorpio, thus it is considered to be Scorpio 3 is:  A House-Raising Party In A Small Village Enlists The Neighbors’ Cooperation

The Sabian Symbol for the preceding degree, Scorpio 2 is: A Delicate Bottle Of Perfume Lies Broken, Releasing Its Fragrance

This gives us this scenario: a relationship or situation has recently ended or is about to excise one person — cut them out.  How it may happen in both painful and shockingly sudden. The fragrance that is the essence of their life will linger i the air like tell-tale blood and chalk lines that stain the ground on a crime scene. Now, afterwards, people, friends, maybe even a special love from the past returns and will rally around to help the survivor of the tragedy rebuild a full life.

The degree that flows, Scorpio 4 is A Youth Carries A Lighted Candle In A Devotional Ritual. There may be many births in July and August 2015 as a result of pregnancies that occur now under this October energy. Women will know by mid-November if hey are pregnant. More especially,  there may be sudden weddings/marriages (a formal devotional ritual) with people you reunite and reconcile with who you thought you would never see again in your lifetime. Retrogrades make people review their past actions and sometimes awaken to mistakes they have made, regrets about past actions or lack of action etc. In November 2014, you may have a whole new life with a new marriage, a new child (on the way) and/or a new home.

This degree makes the theme of the retrograde about groups including people and helping people, being generous and open. Yet, Mercury in Scorpio brings suspicion and trust issues around communication. Be very cautious and sensitive towards others and speak a lot less than you think. Do not make assumptions about something someone says or does. Wait for confirmation because acting or saying anything. Listen a lot and allow others to reveal everything possible. Have yo ever noticed that when you say nothing, other people keep speaking to fill the silence?

Watch for something to arise in the first few days of the Mercury retrograde that has to do with what must be released, transformed and transcended at the October 23, 2014 New Moon solar eclipse in Scorpio.

We may hear about non-profit groups, large charitable donations, homeless shelters, or stories about microloans.

Scorpio rules sex, power, money, jealousy and secrets. Look for scandals in the news and perhaps in your personal life. Mercury in Scorpio can unearth those secrets for the dark bowls of the earth where they have been hidden and expose them to the light. Things do not remain hidden for long with Scorpio energy being activated.

With the shocking speed of a crime of passion, there will be only a yellow crime scene tape and the outline of a body remaining as a remembrance of the relationship or situation.

Powerful Communications

It is also a time when Mercury in Scorpio will unearth teaching, talking and traveling skills, expertise and experience you have been hiding and suppressing. We will see people who previously set the world on fire with their intelligence, wisdom, deep spiritual presence and knowledge, come out of hiding and bless the world with their penetrating presence and knowledge. It could be that snake-lie (Scorpio archetype : The Snake) devious and deceitful things or wounding and painful scorpionic (Scorpio archetype: The Scorpion) things were done to them in the past to cause them to be destroyed or to retreat. There may have been much jealousy and vitriol over this person. because they shone like the Sun and had a following, The purpose was to take away their natural power and silence their powerful communication skills.

Now, they will rebirth, come out of the cave and there will be no stopping them — not even after the Mercury retrograde They will be unleashed from their cafe and soar nobly and high like The Eagle — a Scorpio archetype. No one will be able to abort or delay the rebirth and powerful effect because the person has been to the pits of darkness and hell, dwelt with the devastation of all that was done to them, died to the old incarnation and arisen anew. All your attempts to silence and harm the person will backfire on yu as they have a power gained in spiritual death and rebirth that will give them power over you and reveal the darkness of your intentions, words, and soul.

Beware anything you do to try to harm someone who rebirths at this time. You will deeply regret your attempted powerplay of actions and/or words.

Eclipse Season

It is also eclipse season during this Mercury retrograde period so look for changes in relations with Full Moon lunar eclipse (15 º Aries) on October 8, 2014  and the New Moon solar eclipse ( 0º Scorpio) on October 23, 2014.

The Full Moon lunar eclipse is a Total Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus, the planet of chaos, opportunity and change. Not only is there strong potential for high stress and impulsive anger, here many be extreme behaviors if people are not conscious of the energy. Uranus rules the internet, electronics and technology, so there may be  many issues with computers, internet connections, wifi, and electricity..

Look for several celebrity breakups, divorces, separations and dramatic endings. Colleagues may suddenly quit, people may move. Uranus is going to bring energy that shakes up things and brings and end to some longterm dysfunctional relationships.

Venus in Libra

There is a minor energy of balance in love relationships, marriage and finances, however, because we are now living under a month long transit of Venus in Libra. From September 30, 2014 – October 23, 2014 (the day of the New Moon solar eclipse), we have the planet of love and beauty giving us some harmonic vibes. It could play out very unusually:

It could be that a Uranus-ruled man finally breaks away from the smothering restrictions and controlling behaviors of his Venus-ruled mother, and chooses, against her wishes, to marry the woman he loves, the woman of his dreams, who is of a different ethnicity and nationality. There could healing and renewal of relationships under this positive Venus in Libra energy. 

Which ever house holds Libra for you, employ the tactics of love, loveliness, grace, elegance, beauty, gentleness, diplomacy and tact and you will see some stunning results.

Stay steady, be ready for the unusual, love with all your heart, release the bad stuff and the unworthy people! Enjoy this lovely autumn month of October and reap a harvest of prosperity and love!

Specialwoman xxoo

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