DARE TO DREAM & DREAMS COME TRUE: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

DARE TO DREAM & DREAMS COME TRUE: Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

saturn4thhouseWhen Saturn transits the 4th house there are shakes, quakes and breakdowns around home and family. Some people become homeless (actual or figurative) and relations with family come under scrutiny-. There is pressure in the family and home situations to change and become right and healthy. The transit through the house is also flavored by the planets contained in that natal house.. If you ave Neptune in the 4th, issues around spirituality, creativity, reality, lies, deceit, illusion, delusion and secrets will arise. It is only by the end of the transit that things settle down. In fact, people tend to find that after experiencing destruction and breakdowns in their home and family life, things come together (get rebuilt, which is a Saturn thing), in a positive, strong manner at the end of the transit.  Here is a 4th house story to demonstrate this:

Several years ago I was poised to buy a house, get artificially inseminated and adopt some children, followed by settling into life with my own home and family. But I felt something was missing from life. My dream of living in Europe and my love of other cultures and travel drew me to relocate from the USA to a foreign country and culture in Europe (Sagittarius) to study and live. I had always dreamed (Neptune) of living in Europe. During the time of Saturn in Scorpio in my 4th house I had the worst time! Things got deep!

With natal Neptune and Pallas Athene there, my residency was surrounded by injustice and corruption by government officials, political filth, devious behavior on the part of people with power, a clear lack of justice and democracy and so many hidden acts designed to try to force me to give up my residency I was often in tears — and fiercely fighting injustice!. There were almost daily hits to my emotional, psychological and material/physical stability. It really blew my mind that there was such corruption in that country which claims to the world that it is a bastion of happiness, justice and democracy.  But I weathered the battering storm.

With natal Juno in my fourth house, I had a vague cream in the back of my had since I was a child, that I would marry someone of a different culture or country an while it was perhaps at first a subconscious matter, I fell in love with a man in that new EU country  a year after living there. I wanted something committed with him, and eventually I realized I wanted to marry him! I wanted to be married.

Recently, feeling freer than free of the immigration battle and realizing the depth of my homesickness for my country and culture (on top of exhaustion over the battle I won for my residency), I took a sabbatical back in the USA I have had the time to think about Saturn in the 4th house now that it is in the very final degrees of that house for me. Reflecting on it, during Tr Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th house, I could not go home nor could I settle there and make a home, for unexpected reasons!

Meanwhile I reconnected with my family while overseas and strengthened or renewed some familial relationships. I dealt with old family secrets and clarified what religion and spirituality mean to me in the context of family. Most importantly I decided what I want in a home and family of my own. I also came to understand why certain things are important to me in a home and I clarified what I want in a home and family of my own.

When You Wish Upon A Star

I can now ACTUALLY become a citizen of that EU country because of length of residency and therefore a EU citizen, increasing my “home” options and other benefits options. But right now under Saturn in Sagittarius, I need my native home, its food, its language (spoken in dialects that do not break it), cultures and customs. I became horribly HOMESICK under Saturn in Scorpio, which is of course a common effect. I appreciate my native land, the USA, very much for all its diversity and richness; for its innovation and entrepreneurship; for its independence of spirit and because despite its challenges, it really is the land of opportunity, unrestrained by old World European class systems such as I found behind the facade in that European country.

I will head back to the EU later in the year when Saturn retrogrades back to Scorpio and take care of some things that will benefit me in terms of the citizenship and homeownership. Then I will put finishing touches on my home here in the USA.

Now Saturn in Sagittarius is in effect, also in my 4th house and things are settling down. I am settling down and building (Saturn). I also am gaining the full freedom (Sagittarius) I always desired as a global citizen to have homes in in fabulous places. Saturn in Sagittarius ROCKS!

Buying a home and settling into it at the end of Saturn transiting my 4th house is an outcome of this transit in this house. While it has been turbulent in the breaking down of home or origin and a rough landing in establishing a second home in a foreign land, it is resulting in the establishment of a home saturnneptuneand family of my own in my native land. It will be an elegant family home that reflects the higher octaves of Neptune (creativity and spirituality). I never married that European guy and BUT certainly expect to marry someone one day and it will likely be sooner rather than later. Marriage is important to me.

Right now I am enjoying new clients and colleague while planning to adopt multicultural children, preparing to do creative and spiritual work from home (run my businesses from home, create artistic products and write books)….and in my new house/home I will be on the lookout for plumbing problems!

Dare To Dream

I dared to dream and am still daring to dream under Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. I find I am now experiencing much more of the building up and healing aspects of Saturn and Neptune.

Dreams (Neptune) really DO come true (Saturn)…..

So how have you fared under Transiting Saturn in the 4th house?

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