DELUSIONS, SECRETS AND DECEIT: Venus And Neptune In Love – June 29, 2014

DELUSIONS, SECRETS AND DECEIT: Venus And Neptune In Love – June 29, 2014

delusionsinloveJack wants to negotiate a reconciliation with Mary and have a relationship, but he is unwilling to admit to her that he has been involved in bizarre sexual things with both men and women and morally questionable financial investments Mary knows about these things and wants to talk about them before moving forward. Jack wants a secret engagement and no wedding date to be set so another woman who likes him will not be upset. Mary wants a public engagement party with their friends and a family wedding.  This is Venus and Neptune in love. Nothing about this relationship is real. 

On June 29 and 30, Venus in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces and the Sun in Cancer is trine Neptune in Pisces. With Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces, there is delusion, deceit, secrets and other negative things happening around love.  That energy is force today and tomorrow while the Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is lending a lazy, hazy energy that can support reconciliation and resolution of problems in a relationship or other situation.

You ability to process things this weekend is sharp but emotionally it may be hard to deal with what comes up for processing — especially in relationships. Your empathy and intuition are sharp as tacks! Now what will you do with the knowledge.
There is a strong Neptunian vibration these two days calling us all to open our hearts and find the space in us that holds universal love or what we know better as unconditional love.  We may need to employ it, with caution.  DO not delude yourself about someone else. But be prepared to forgive if the person is ready to be open an honest and put ALL the cards on the table.
Trust, emotional freedom and honesty are crucial and will be tested these two days.
With Venus in aspect to Neptune, we must all be wary of making choices for unavailable people who are simply bad for us and with whom there will NEVER be a satisfying, honest, loving, growth-oriented relationship. You avoid a REAL relationship. Some examples of these these choices are evident when you
  • Are homosexual and choose someone heterosexual OR lie about your sexual orientation to get someone else into a relationship with you
  • Choose a married person
  • Choose a religious professional (priest, nun, minister etc) who cannot be with you
  • Choose someone who lives so far away you cannot see each other regularly
  • Choose a criminal who is in prison or jail
  • Choose a drug addict or alcoholic
  • Choose a person with dangerous, wounded or bizarre sexual habits
  • Choose a pathological liar, sociopath or narcissist
  • Choose a person who lies about or is otherwise deceitful about money and finances


When  Venus transit square or opposite natal Neptune or Neptune transits square or opposite your natal Venus these potentials enter into your life. This also is a danger for you if you have Venus in Pisces or Venus in the 12th House.

It will look like a great relationship at first and when the transit is done, the veil falls away and the ugly truth is in your face. It is a rude awakening.


Suggestions for Clearing the Fog

  1. Align yourself with the higher mind and creative artistic energies of Neptune (art, music, writing etc) or lay down in the mud with the above listed folks. Focus all your energy on creative projects until the transit is done.
  2. Realize there are no heaven on earth relationships.
  3. Realize everyone is imperfect and some more than others.
  4. Do not compromise when it comes to drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals, sociopaths etc. Stay away.
  5. Insist on honest and openness and when you do not get it, quit the relation ship. Walk away.
  6. Realize there is no changing a liar
  7. Protect yourself against sexual disease and never leave it up to another person. If they are sexually bizarre or abusive, quit the relationship. Get far away.
  8. Stop painting yourself as the victim. You got yourself into the relationship so, get yourself out.
  9. Never agree to a (dirty) secret relationship for any length of time. It is public or it is not a relationship.

It has been a rough New Moon in Cancer weekend. While the energy for a new beginning is there, Mercury retrograde in Gemini has made it hard if not impossible to communicate about important relationship issues. Venus in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces is bringing out a lot of delusional behavior in love and things are being hidden or secrets are blowing out into the open and there is anger. The one good thing is that the Sun in Cancer trine Neptune in Pisces is giving a little support to being able to talk about relationships and relationship issues these two days, and find a way through compassion, unconditional and forgiveness to a point of reconciliation. Navigating all this is TRICKY.  

Be careful out there!

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