Dissolving Sandcastles: August 14, 2016 – Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

Dissolving Sandcastles: August 14, 2016 – Venus in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces

Venus in Virgo wants clarity and truth in love and that will be hard to achieve with today’s opposition to Neptune in Pisces. Neptune dissolves, masks and obfuscates. It is a celestial “fuggedaboutit” regarding love, romance, harmony and beauty this weekend.

This configuration brings with it all the muck, confusion and frustration you can imagine in money and love (the two things governed by Venus). The potential for misunderstandings, lack of clarity and deception abounds.  You must take great care to not become someone’s victim. Thinking you are weak, others may want to take advantage.

Dissolving Sandcastles

Venus (love, romance, beauty, glamour, finances, investment and money in general) is  currently visiting the sign that wants love to the best it can be. That cannot happen as Neptune (delusions, lies, illusions, dissolution, rose-colored glasses, spirituality) in Pisces faces off with it. Because Neptune is the slower moving planet it has the strong effect.

Another possibility is self-sabotage through being gullible or over-idealizing someone, a relationship or a situations. You could end up being embarrassed, disappointed or you could suffer loss. Beware of financial schemes and proposals as well as dating websites right now.

What happens when the tide comes in after you have built an intricate and beautiful sandcastle? The water dissolves the structures and washes it away.

What You Can Do

If you want a new relationship or hope to have a makeover right now, wait three weeks before pursuing this goal. The same goes for financial investments. Right now you are likely to make bad decisions because you do not have all the facts.

What you could also do right now that would satisfy a craving for romance, beauty and glamour is to go to the theatre to see a play, head to the cinema for a film or enjoy a summer concert. You could also focus on the spiritual (remember Neptune’s high octaves) and spend time meditating, praying, or enjoying some gospel music.

Dream, be flexible about the temporary nature of life and allow for mistakes and misunderstandings. Leave the serious decisions for the beginning of September after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo.

Order a 30-minute consultation with me today and let’s see where Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces is influencing you and how you can best handle it.

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