DIVINE SUPPLY: August 25, 2014 – New Moon in Virgo

DIVINE SUPPLY: August 25, 2014 – New Moon in Virgo

divineassistanceA New Moon occurs at 7:13 AM PT /10:13AM ET / 4:13 PM CEST (Central Europe)  at 2º 18″ Virgo. There is some hard work to do but there is a message of unseen divine assistance in this lunation.

Virgo enjoys organizing and bringing balance to life via creating structure and order. In our healthcare, work routines, families and relationships, we like to have a system. We like to know how the flow goes. We do well when we know our roles and can get down to basics, work hard and get the job done. But sometimes there seems to be a lot of hard work and we can feel we are doing it alone. Or we may feel we are trying very hard and getting nowhere. We can feel alone in our efforts to keep life together and sometimes simply to exist. The struggle of life can feel unbearable. When it gets messy, disorganized, and filled with lack of the things you need to keep it clean, tidy, orderly etc., it can leave you with a feeling of despair.

However, I have experienced that when life gets THAT low, is when in the midst of surrender, you find help.

One of my favorite passages of Hebrew Scripture is Psalm 121:

I lift up my eyes to the hills— from where will my help come?

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot be moved; he who keeps you will not slumber.

He who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper; the Lord is your shade at your right hand.

The sun shall not strike you by day, nor the moon by night.

The Lord will keep you from all evil; he will keep your life.

The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time on and forevermore.

Divine Assistance Means You Are Never Alone

It reminds you that your Creator is always with you, even when you so not feel or see it. Somehow, there IS always an order and somehow there is divine assistance for you. Someone or something appears. There is divine supply. You do matter.

For some people, this is expressed as the presence of the Holy Spirit or having guardian angels.

Just when you have given up, just when you have surrendered, you are reminded that you are not forgotten and not alone. The people who jump to assist you in human form are meant to be in your life; the ones who watch you suffer and only begrudgingly help you at the last minute or who abandon you completely are not meant to be in your life. The crisis shows you their true nature and that you have a better future without them.

When you stand at the edge of the ocean you can see that there is something mightier than you. You did not create you. Your parents did not create you. You are a piece of the divine whole of this world and therefore never alone, never forgotten. But we forget this. We forget who and where we come from in the busyness of life. We get so wrapped up in putting things in order, we forget. We forget the spiritual disciplines, which are just as important as physical discipline.

Sometime we miss the early signs:

Spiritual vs Human

The Sabian Symbol preceding this New Moon is Virgo 2: A large white cross-dominating the landscape-stands alone on top of a high hill. We have been shown there is something about our lives on a spiritual level that is important. We have been made aware that we need not struggle. Struggle comes when we go against the flow and count only on our physical lives and our self-created plans. We forget that life does not need to be hard. If someone is maliciously pushing at you to make your struggle worse, detach emotionally and see that it is about their own pain, and not your situation. Sometimes we face struggle as a reminder to us that we must not only release a person, place or situation, but that we must never return to them. Stay calm because  you will receive divine assistance. With the New Moon on August 25, the sign of hope and help could appear as early as 3-5 days ahead of this lunation. Look for the sign that help is on the way — the sign is there!

Blockages and Restrictions

The day will be challenging because Mars, the planet of war will be exactly conjunct Saturn, the planet of restrictions and limitations oAugust 25, 2014. This is serious, deep and dark. Feelings of being blocked, frustration, anger and impatience will be prevalent. You should expect delays in any plans and that things will be thwarted. Whatever you want to accomplish will likely not happen — at least not without a lot of focused concentration, hard work, patience and dedication. 

You need to get real about things. You must make some decisions and be patient as things unfold. You are not in danger and things will not fall apart. Things will simply go the way they are meant to go and it may not be what you planned. Trust that it will all be okay.

Whatever you have been holding onto — an idea, a position, a residence, a job, a person or relationship — release them because the struggle indicates you are heading in the wrong direction. Leave behind what is a struggle and embrace what comes easily.

Protection and Guidance

This New Moon in Virgo is represented by Sabian Symbol Virgo 3. It is about realizing that our human efforts are not the only way to accomplish things. We have assistance and all that we truly need for our lives is available if we go with the flow of life –  Virgo 3: Two guardian angels bringing protection.

Because of that protection in life, we can relax and rest. Our rules and regulations are not necessary. There is no separation except that which we make with our own categorizations, labels, fears, anxieties and attempts to control. When we release, knowing we are loved, cared for and that everything is flowing, we can be free and childlike. Children who are protected play and enjoy life because they know they are safe from harm. This New Moon will bring healing to your life or some situation in your life: with that healing you will know you are safe.

New Beginnings After Barriers Dissolve

Neptune is transiting Pisces, the sign opposite this lunation and Pisces is also the sign of the coming Full Moon in September. Neptune dissolves. Under this New Moon in Virgo, barriers can be softly and gently dissolved, which is  much easier than breaks and  battering down of walls. Love can be gentle and easy like that, dissolving human barriers of hatred, indifference and neglect. Neptunian dissolution can bring about release. The chains, the bonds, the handcuffs, the rules and regulations, the fear and anxieties and the separation ends and there is release.

The result of releasing at this New Moon in Virgo and letting yourself be care for is shown in Sabian Symbol Virgo 4: Black and white children playing happily together.

In the end, there will be harmony, across all “barriers” and differences, culturally, ethnically, spiritually, physically etc.

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