DRIVING FAST AND STEADY: Nearly 4 More Months of Mars in Libra

DRIVING FAST AND STEADY: Nearly 4 More Months of Mars in Libra

marsinlibrafireMars entered Libra in December of 2013.  He’ll stay in the sign into July this year.  From March 1-May 19 Mars is retrograde. Lie is pushing forward even though we may not recognize it. It is check-in time!

Mars retrogrades when the planet spends an extended time in a sign and deeply stimulates one or more houses and issues in a person’s chart and life. Mars pushes us to act an act NOW. It brings pressure to bear on people and situations and creates the feeling that one is driven to take charge, to take things into your own hands. Assertion and aggression take center stage. Be sure, however, not to act arrogantly, cruelly, impatiently or harshly because come mid-May, you will regret your actions and words.

Mars in Libra (representing The Other) certainly brings delays to this action but something is taking place in your life.

What are you striving for? Where are you being driven in life? Relationship balance? Love? Educational pursuits? Employment? Business creation or expansion? Enlightenment? Better health? Financial freedom?

On a personal level, Mars retrograde began exactly o the cusp of my 4th house and is now in my 3rd house. A housing and residence matter got out on hold and won’t be resolved until in late May AND now I am dealing again with my siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles. Specifically, my brother has received a dire diagnosis about his struggle with cancer and has been told his days are very numbered. The thought of my brother dying,  and soon, has hit me hard. One (Sun in Mars-ruled Aries) cousin is sticking very close to me and helping me with it. My remaining cousins, aunts and uncles are giving me emotional support. Another things being dealt with now is the promotion of a book I recently finished (writing as communication is a 3rd house matter and publishing is the 9th house) and the writing of a second book. I have been delayed in doing any work and spend a lot of time thinking on how to proceed and how to articulate things. In the last few days, after quietly seeking inspiration and insight with some impatience, I have come to some great ideas and new methods to articulate my knowledge to the world. I am driven to do it.

I am terribly sad about my brother, but he also is urging me to take care of myself and my life, to do the things I need to do professionally and personally, and to drive myself forward. I cannot imagine life without him but I also know that I must honor him by staying balanced and being the successful person he sees in me. My entire family is urging me forward and wants me to succeed. I must take care of myself by writing, publishing, speaking and establishing a home for myself. I have been trying to resolve the housing matter since 2010 and slowly but surely things are being straightened out. Now, I am in the last stretch of the long battle and it is clear that I am going to win everything and all that was taken from me is being restored. When it is done, I will have not only the residency I sought to establish but a home. That will finally come into place as Mars, direct in Libra, enters my 4th house in mid to late July. I will keep you posted!

I am driven to communicate through speaking and writing (3rd house where Mars in Libra is transiting) and to publish what I have learned (9th house which is being opposed and stimulate by Mars retrograde and where I have a Mars-ruled Moon in Aries). I am supported by my siblings, cousins and aunts/uncles (3rd house) and soon will solidly establish myself as a published author (9th house) and a homeowner resident of a foreign country (9th house).

While is has seemed like things have moved slowly, in reality they have not. While it may seem like things are not heading to conclusion, they are and you are not off track. Slowly, steadily, you re being driven to the finish line. 

What is driving you now? How is Mars in Libra 2014, retrograde, affecting you?

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