EASTER HARVEST HEALING : September 8, 2014 – Full Moon In Pisces

EASTER HARVEST HEALING : September 8, 2014 – Full Moon In Pisces

autumnharvest-1The 2014 Harvest Moon is illuminating a healing in many people that has been a long time in coming and which will empower many people to transcend above their wounds become empowered through claiming their power, and finally, by leaving a healing, lasting legacy as an individual.

This Full Moon in Pisces occurs on Monday September 8, 2014 at 16º 56” Pisces at  6:38pm PDT/ 9:38pm EDT /3:38am CEST (September 9). People in Central Europe can expect to have some trouble sleeping or some trippy dreams, and awaken feeling out fo sorts on Tuesday. In fact, the day will go to an extreme of either intensely good emotional news or very painful, hurt feelings on September 9.

This Full Moon in Pisces is also the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon that falls closest to the Autumn Equinox on September 22 and the New Moon in Libra on September 24. There is more light visible, for more days, during this Full Moon to aid in the autumn harvest. The Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Saturn play into this lunation

This lunation involves the Moon, Chiron, Neptune and Saturn Chiron governs wounds, illness, healing. Pisces represents compassion, unconditional love, acceptance, surrender, merging with others, spirituality, deep spiritual and psychological connections and  deep intimacy. Neptune in Pisces, hovering nearby, is also playing a role, showing us where/how we have been hiding, deceiving, deluding, manipulating or lying to ourselves or other people — and where/how others have been doing it to us. We have been overcome with grief, suffered loss and experienced profoundly painful situations that have destroyed our trust and sense of security in the world. Water is a great cleanser and all this water energy will help us to gently remove what needs to be removed and heal.

easteparadeHealing Old Wounds and Buried Trauma

Be very care about taking any medicines these next few days. Expect flashbacks and strong remembrances or triggers related to childhood traumas and wounds. Family stuff could arise. You dreams may be vivid. Stay away from alcohol, too, because drinking to drive away the demons will only give them bathwater in which to swim and hang around longer. Do healing measures, like massages, acupuncture and fasting.

Share your traumas and wounds with people you can trust. Healing these woulds by giving them light and voice will bring you closer to being the Wise Teacher you are meant to be. It will restore your power.

The signs of Virgo and Pisces bring us all the imagery and symbolism of Christiainty and we are ending the Age of Pisces in these days with its Christian symbolism (Virgo=Virgin Mary, loaves of bread, cross/Pisces=ixthus, cross, fish, wine) we move towards the Age of Aquarius. With that in mind, remember that Jesus of Nazareth/Jesus Christ, the main figurehead of Christianity, was complete within himself. He never boasted of himself. However, he stood confidently in his knowledge of himself and his power.

When the Sun is in Virgo, as it is now, we analyze and organize our lives. We come to a critical understanding of our values, what needs to be balanced, what needs to be perfected, purfied, purged and cleansed. We are now closer to the time of harvest, autumn and darkness. You may have been walking the Via Dolorosa this summer, but soon you will be promenading in the Easter Parade.

The Easter feeling does not end. It signals a new beginning, Of nature, spring, and brand new life, And friendship, peace, and giving. The spirit of Easter is all about hope, love, and joyful living. ~~Anon

As the Sun in Virgo shines opposite the Pisces Moon we come to the need for balance in our souls over emotional trauma and pain under this Full Moon in Pisces.

What needs to be brought out of the darkness?

What bad family stuff is being re-enacted in a current relationship (and therefore it or the relationship needs to end)?

What current dark behaviors have been adding to the traumas we have experienced earlier in life?

We now must purge these traumas and pains, these people who are hurting us and not helping us, these situations that are soul-killing and damaging to our very being. We have come full circle and it is time to move into a balanced new life and a new beginning at the next New Moon in Libra (a solar eclipse). I, for one, am looking forward to that lovely, diplomatic New Moon in Libra where love, justice, thought, marriage/partnership and doing the right thing will be balanced in some way in our lives.

To do this cleansing work, we must dig deep, root out the pain and trauma, heal it with magically cleansing Piscean water energy and transcend to a new level of living. There is some magic in Pisces this Full Moon weekend. The magic is the  healing, the healing is the magic.

Sabian Symbol Pisces 17 – An Easter Promenade

The theme of this lunation is represented by the Sabian Symbol for Pisces 17: An Easter Promenade.

I wrote about this degree at the Chiron in Pisces retrograde station earlier this summer showing the positive promise the Universe gives us through this degree:

On that Easter Promenade, you walk around proudly displaying your renewed life, renewed faith, restored body and regenerated life. It is about having a renewed faith in life by coming through grief, overcoming loss, dissolving fears and anxieties and releasing past hurts. It is about having faith despite the circumstances and seeing that faith rewarded. It is about learning to have forgiveness and unconditional love – for yourself and others. When these things are accomplished, the Easter Promenade is a walk on solid, trustworthy secure ground because of your faith (Saturn in Scorpio).

We are still in that Chiron retrograde and then as now, it promises us something both painful but temporary:

…we will get another opportunity to experience the pain of the wound again and to bring more healing to it. We are meant to take off the bandage and check wound. See where it is still tender and infected and search for the pieces or dirt, and inflamed time. We must dig deep again and remove the dead and infected or inflamed parts, wash out the wound with faith, unconditional love and forgiveness . Then we must apply to the wound once more the proper antibiotics of faith, love and trust. Then we must maintain a healthy and balanced regimen for ourselves that doe snot include using old crutches, blaming other people or putting ourselves in harm’s way again. We must wash away the We can release ourselves from the past through unconditional love ad forgiveness and acknowledge we are fine within ourselves. We are supported and empowered in ways we never realized before now.

When that retrograde station occurred at the Summer Solstice, some of us who were surfing into the safety of shore were suddenly slammed on the head with a massive wave and pushed down to the ocean floor. While you have swum back to the surface and are treading water, recovery has not yet happened. It is like being stuck in the middle of the ocean, with the shore in sight but you unable to reach it. We are STILL being cleansed. We are still cleansing ourselves, purifying our lives, refining ourselves. We are still purging our lives of the people, places, situations that are bad for us or unworthy of us. We are still preparing for our exit from the ocean, waiting in faith for that one good wave to push us to shore. When we get there, we will dry off, change into out finest clothes and stroll in our Easter Parade, affirmed in our renewed faith.

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. ~~Jerry Chin

The Stories We Tell Ourselves About People

While you are treading water, keeping your head just above the water line, you have time to reflect on what needs to be cleansed from your life situations, places and people. In particular with people, it is important to be honest with yourself. If you have people in your life who are unworthy of you, they look like this:  they have been, all summer long, showing their true colors by silently watching you stranded in the middle of the ocean under threat of death, dismemberment or severe damage, and they refuse to throw you a lifeline. You may even have been asking them for assistance. Now, with this Full Moon in Pisces, everything will become clear. It is time to get real. Tell yourself the truth about the people in your life.

If they coldly, silently, do nothing, these people must depart from your life and this Harvest Moon Full Moon in Pisces will make that fact clear.  You cannot trust such people and you cannot be psychologically or emotionally intimate with and you cannot have a relationship with them. They mean you harm. At best, they are Pontius Pilate, with the power and ability to save you from harm, but afraid of what other people will say, they are washing the blood of your wounds and death off their hands. They are hoping to appear guiltless when you finally are damaged beyond repair or destroyed. They are selfishly interested in saving their own reputation.

Interestingly enough, after presiding over Jesus’ trial and crucifixion, Pontius Pilate’s life and reign became very troubled and he eventually committed suicide.

Sabian Symbol Virgo 17 – A Volcano In Eruption

Another way we can understand this Full Moon’s message in the opposing degree of Virgo 17 : A volcano in eruption. This can manifest in three ways:

  1. You may experience a stunningly explosive awakening in life and in what you are here to heal and to teach. Inspired, you want to teach/tell/heal the world. You have come into such powerful mastery and energy.
  2. You have reached a point of healing and transformation that will powerfully change your life but someone or something may try to control ad contain you by hurtfully exploding their/its energy all over you  with criticism, failure to help you, neglect etc or by attempting to do something to explode your life or by not doing what they can do to prevent your life form exploding. In any case it is designed to cover you and keep you quiet — to prevent you from becoming the Wise teacher.
  3. There is someone in your life who is, unbeknownst to you, a volcano. They have knowsn they SHOULD act in you life but would not; they SHOULD have assisted you but are standing o the sidelines hoping someone else will do it, that you will save yourself, or that things will *poof* suddenly be rectified. This person or person will either act now and be the divine assistance they failed to be on/around New Moon in Virgo on August 25 or they will act cold and detached, like Pontius Pilate.

Someone Is Watching You

Remember that I told you  in August that someone was watching you around the August 25, 2014 New Moon in Virgo? The person with the internal volcano (guilt-inspired anger and frustration with themselves because theyknow they should be and could be supporting you and assisting you in healing) is who I mean.  I told you that there was divine supply on August 25. Someone was given messages to assist you. If they did not, know they are STILL watching you and this Full Moon in Pisces will reveal, via their action or non-action their place in your life.

Be aware that this person may be suppressing a great deal of anger and frustration (and perhaps you are, too, in regards to this person).. There are many thoughts and ideas that may come pouring out at this time, The anger needs an outlet; it needs expression, Once the eruption has occurred, things will settle down. It can be approached like a pressure cooker….and you can slowly release he anger through giving air (voice) to your feelings and thoughts. Then after a few aftershocks and rumblings, the dust will settle and things will be better.

The Good News

The good news (and the Christian gospel is often referred to as The Good News) is that after the painful circumstances and painful people, there is a promise of redemption and renewal inherent in this Full Moon in Pisces. There is a healed heart and emotional understanding about your  life circumstances, which ascends from fear, powerlessness, loss, doubt, forgiveness, rebirth, spiritual unity, rebirth, renewal and transformation. Your life is like the tomb at Golgotha. The stone is rolled away and your betrayed, beaten, whipped, bloodied, spit-up, nail-punctured self is no longer there. This lunation is your opportunity to arise, like a phoenix from the ashes and come into spiritual unity and a position of ascended wise teaching that will be untouchable.

Another piece of the good news is that you may get some food news on this Full Moon in Pisces, or the weekend before, informing you about how things have been done behind the scenes to prepare everything so that you can be brought into new healing circumstances or situations or so relationships can heal and change.

Try not to be critical during this weekend or on the Full Moon in Pisces because there may be some very good surprise about to be presented to you. Wait until September 9 before unleashing the criticism. Give people a chance to make good on the promise of the New Moon in Virgo of August 25, 2014. You also may surprisingly see situations transform on/about the Full Moon, bringing you fulfillment of something that empowers you to move forth. There are two weeks between the Full Moon in Pisces and the next Nee Moon in Libra. Use it. This is great energy for getting unstuck!

What You Can Do

Moon and Chiron in Pisces: Teaching and Healing from Experience

There is an Easter harvest of healing available to you with the Full Moon in Pisces. You have become extraordinarily compassionate  over the years as a result of the suffering and pain you have experienced. You have walked a deep path of pain that many others cannot comprehend. Over the years you have become aware that it has transformed you into a person others seek for healing and teaching. You are who people look to for help. You are who others seek for wisdom, Your wisdom has come from your suffering. You know what it is like to have hunger, pain, loss, powerlessness. Now you can take that knowledge and be great in the most humble of manners. You can be a Wise Teacher who possess self-mastery from heart truth, from soul strength, from life experience.  You are significent and the world knows it. The people in your family and around you know it. Your existence, your life is crucial to this planet. You are Specialwoman (man).

Chiron in Pisces: Healing through Forgiveness

After you have told yourself the truth about who is who and what is what and what really went down — all to support your wellness now, you have one more step. You need to forgive and transcend. Understand they are who they are , what was done was done, and now it is time to forgive those who have harmed you. Forgiveness release you, not them. It separates you from them and brings release.  Do it without feelings of revenge, anger and pain. Then move on from these people. NEXT!!

Venus in Virgo: Heart Truths

Venus changed its sign just a few days ago into Virgo leaving the fun loving Leo. Be discerning but not too critical of loved ones during this spiritual harvest time, especially if you have personal plants in Virgo.

For everyone, focus on being compassionate, creative and open. Watch your dreams. Write them down — in fact keep a dream journal for the next two weeks.It will help you heal the past On the physical side, watch your fee and be gentle on your stomach. Wear supportive shoes  and hit the dance floor to move those feet and don’t eat too much spicy food.

Sun in Virgo, Mercury in Libra – Discretion and Diplomacy

You see, another message of this Easter promenade is the effect of the message and life of the historical Jesus of Nazareth/Jesus Christ. Whether you view him as human or divine or full both, the world was not ready for his message and not able to accept it. People put a HUGE amount of energy into trying to trip him up, reject him and finally, to destroy him.

How does this apply to you? In your life this is to say this:

The key in all these situations is to not run out into the street to make people aware of your awakening, your wisdom, your healing or your power. The people who know you are a Wise Teacher will support you at this lunation and remain with you. We are at a Full Moon. Wait until the New Moon in Libra before you make a move. Let the 28 days cycle of the New Moon in Virgo complete itself. Let Mercury in Libra help you to be discreet and diplomatic in your speech. Think before you speak right now. There are people who are not on your side nand who need to be cleared out before you move forth with your teaching and healing. The eclipses that occur in October will clear out any men or women who are not truly on your side. Have faith that it will happen. Now is simply quiet preparation time.


If you want to look at how this Full Moon in Pisces will affect you, arrange an astrology consultation or a Tarot consultation or call using the button on this page.

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