Eclipses (2008-2011)

Every five and a half months, when the Sun is near one of the moon’s nodes, eclipses can occur. When they occur during new moons they are solar eclipses. This is when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blots out the Sun. When they occur during full moons they are lunar eclipses, where the Moon is hidden by the Earth’s shadow. Eclipses have bewildered, awed and frightened humankind over the centuries and are a time of critical transformation.

Eclipses are about sudden dramtic change and disruption. This is when we see change occur the fastest in our lives nad sometimes quite profoundly. For people that have become happy with the status quo, the changes can be quite overwhelming or shocking.

The best way to hadnle eclipses is to expect the unexpected, expect losses of poeple or situations and be ready to acccept the gifts that come in their place. Lunar eclipses tend to herald the loss of a female from your life and solar eclipses tend to bring the loss of a male from your life. If you view these dramatic and radical changes as new opportunities, the results can be very positive.

Also, eclipses are stronger and more long lasting in their effects than normal new or full moons. Their effects can be felt at the time of the eclipse and 6-12 months afterwards. In fact if you are experiencing the eclipses in polar signs near planets in your natal chart, it will be up to 2 years before you see the full effects. For example, eclipses in Virgo-Pisces began in late 2006 people with Suns in those signs will get the full message of the eclipses by early 2008 when the last eclipse in Virgo occurs. There is one theme for you in the eclipses and that theme will play out for 2 years. You can also look back 10 years and see it is a replay of the same issues. How will you choose to handle it?

Here is hte scheudle of eclipses, their signs and degrees for the next few years:


February 8 – Aquarius 17° (solar eclipse)

February 20 – Virgo 2° (lunar eclipse)

August 1 – Leo 9° (solar eclipse)

August 16 – Aquarius 24° (lunar eclipse)

August 28 – Pisces 4° (lunar eclipse)


January 26 – Aquarius 6° (solar eclipse)

February 9 – Virgo 21° (lunar eclipse)

July 7 – Capricorn 15° (lunar eclipse)

July 22 – Cancer 29° (solar eclipse)

August 6 – Aquarius 13° (lunar eclipse)

December 31 – Cancer 10° (lunar eclipse)


January 15 – Capricorn 25° (solar eclipse)

June 26 – Capricorn 4° (lunar eclipse)

July 11 – Cancer 19° (solar eclipse)

December 21 – Gemini 29° (lunar eclipse)


January 4 – Capricorn 13° (solar eclipse)

June 1 – Gemini 11° (solar eclipse)

June 15 – Sagittarius 24° (lunar eclipse)

July 1 – Cancer 9° (solar eclipse)

November 25 – Sagittarius 2° (solar eclipse)

December 10 – Gemini 18° (lunar eclipse)

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