EMOTIONS BURSTING FORTH – Living With the Lunar Eclipse in Libra

EMOTIONS BURSTING FORTH – Living With the Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Lunar Eclipse in Libra 2014 - An Emotional Dam Bursting Open!A Dam Bursting

Did you notice any immediate effects of the lunar eclipse in Libra on Tuesday during the Cardinal Grand Cross? The effects may even have begun to show as early as a weeks ago,  April 7, with births, deaths, dramatic social media postings, emotional outbursts or other major events. The media has been flooded(!) with articles about the “blood moon” and even those who do not study astrology or understand it know that this spectacular moon carried something important with it. Because this lunar eclipse involves the Sun in Aries, it was likely something dramatic like a dam bursting and bringing a flood-tide of emotions!

This lunar eclipse occurred at 25º Libra (Libra 26 in Sabian Symbols) . This one was opposite the October 18, 2013 lunar eclipse in Aries. Look to 25º – 26º Aries and Libra in your natal chart (with a 5 degree orb between planets and aspects). Somewhere you can improve the balance between being solitary and being in relationship. Aries is “self”  and using leadership skills, courage and self-determination to accomplish goals whereas Libra is about  “other” learning to graciously negotiate and compromise to accomplish goals.

This eclipse lasted 3 hours and 35 minutes so expect to feel it and see the effects of it over 3 and a half months/15 weeks – until July 29 . The strongest and perhaps most dramatic effects will be seen and experienced in the first 4-6 weeks (April 15-May 27).

Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Nothing New Here

I love this Full Moon! New Moons and Solar eclipses bring new beginnings, new issues/situations and new people to our lives. Full Moons and Lunar Eclipses bring issues in our lives to fulfillment. Our emotional levels are raised and drama is likely. We get a cosmic spiritual push to handle matters in certain areas of life. We get pushed to make a change and emotionally we are compelled. Look to the houses, signs and any nearby planets to see how and where you are affected. But even though things are dramatic, nothing is new. What happens with a Full Moon lunar eclipse is that the issues and relationships we have been neglecting get dropped in our laps and put in our faces and we must do something about them. Lunar=moon=emotions. If we choose to get in touch with our feelings under a lunar eclipse and go with the feelings. we will see dramatic positive change. We get clear on who or what must go and who or what must be brought closer.

I love this Full Moon in Libra because it means that something emotional has been building inside us and is now going to come forth, likely in a dramatic declaration. It may take three days, three weeks or three months, but the dam has been broken! 

Crisis (of Conscience)

The illumination of a Full Moon is one which shines a spotlight on the emotional areas of our lives. Some sort of crisis (even one of conscience) is ready to occur and our emotions will burst forth. Epiphanies will occur. Suddenly you know, it is time to do what needs to be done. It is time for positive action, even it it is done in a chaotic and seemingly irrational manner. Expect relationships and situations to be dramatically broken, begun, strengthened or challenged at this time. It is nothing mild and polite

Second in a Series of Six

This eclipse is the second in a series of four eclipses on the Aries-Libra axis. The previous one in October 2013 and this one are stimulating, meaning they provoke us to take action. In fact, if you want to enjoy these eclipses you best action is to do what the eclipses are provoking you to do and then enjoy seeing the new changes and results. Go with the flow! But if you are stubborn and you like to fight and resist and take punches in your life, do just that — fight and resist, thinking you can do everything yourself, by yourself.

The next or third in the set will be a Lunar Eclipse in Aries on October 8, 2014. It will show you how your patterns are harming and hurting you and why you do not have personal fulfillment, especially in relationships and areas involving authenticity, confidence, assertion, boldness, and relationship. It likely is affecting your sex life to, as Aries energy is about the raw power of sex and Libra energy is about the beauty of lovemaking in a relationship.

The sixth and final in this set will occur on March 23, 2016 as a lunar eclipse at 3º 17′ Libra (Libra 4 in the Sabian Symbols). This is a time to continue clearing up past patterns that have been holding us back from personal fulfillment, particularly those that are relationship-centered or that revolve around our confidence, boldness, and authenticity of expression (Aries-Libra). There will be more work to come in these areas, but for now, we are experiencing greater awareness of problems and especially lacks or flaws in our relationships.

The Message of the Cardinal Grand Cross

This lunar eclipse in Libra is bringing a slam dunk hit to our partnerships, relationships and lonely-too-long lives. Even the toughest of us will find our hearts are feeling unfamiliar pangs and our eyes are leaking wet stuff because our emotions are activated by a force stronger than us. The universe inside us is now activated by the universe inside us and we are being compelled to deal with ourselves in relationship to others. The Cardinal Grand Cross under which this lunar eclipse in Libra is occurring (it is the day after and still 99% full moon) is heavy!

As I have said before, this lunar eclipse occurred under retrograde Mars in Libra, opposing Uranus in Aries, and squaring Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. There is DRAMA and EXAGGERATION. There is ANGER and AGGRESSION. There is CALCIFICATION and COLLAPSE. There is INTENSITY, TRANSFORMATION, DYING and ENDINGS. There is CARING, COMPASSION and CONSOLATION. There is EXPANSION and ABUNDANCE.

Retrograde Mars in Libra is still in force and this eclipse counteracts this energy somewhat by pushing emotions to the forefront. Mars retrograde facilitates passive-aggressive behavior where people are angry but hide it with a smile or a victim/martyr stance. Under this lunar eclipse people’s passive-aggressive controlling behaviors will be exposed for what it is and the aggression and anger they usually skillfully hide will be seen in all its raw ugliness.

Even if things feel pressured and harsh, the way to deal with this situation is in the last few things I mentioned — which are presented by Jupiter in Cancer. That is, to bring ease and solutions, use care and compassion to great more room for abundance and expansion in your life. Release what is not working and has not been working for a long time. Stop resisting and insisting on your own methods and your own solitary path.  Use the joint solutions, go for the partnership, show love and be generous. Be open to possibilities because in truth, your will get what you want but only through being in relationship with someone else who will also achieve something through the partnership. The universe is telling you to go for the WIN-WIN.

How It Affects YOU

How will this affect YOU? It is your Ascendant that determines what houses the planets transit and where aspect and events such as eclipses occur. If you do not know your Ascendant or Rising Sign, order a natal chart report to get a more personalized understanding.

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