Feeling Emotional? It’s the New Moon in Cancer

Feeling Emotional? It’s the New Moon in Cancer

Happy New Moon in Cancer ♋

This new moon comes right after the beautiful solstice that we just experienced on June 20 and is in the sensitive, emotional, Water sign of Cancer…

This lunation is encouraging us to really go deep and feel your feelings. Don’t judge them just let them wash through you. Water is healing for you now…take a bath with epsom salts, or go to the water if you live near a lake or the ocean.

You may also feel the urge to improve your space in your home. You may feel like doing some home improvement projects this weekend or buying some new towels and sheets to beautify your space. Go for it and make your space as beautidul as yoir bedget allows.

Also the Moon, which of course rules Cancer, is now conjunct Mercury, the planet of communication and our thinking mind, so you may feel like talking about your feelings even more.

And with Venus in earthy Taurus, there is an urge to improve your cash flow and to take a practical look at your finances…perhaps creating a more realistic budget and a plan to follow it would be a good idea now 💵💰💸♋💫☄🌟☇🌌.

New Moon blessings to you…


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