How To Find Your Blue Suede Bootie: Your ONE Client

How To Find Your Blue Suede Bootie: Your ONE Client

Ooooooh I hats. Well, no, I absolutely LOVE hats. I crave them. Second to those I do love shoes and boots. I felt like going shopping and getting a new pair of shoes or boots so my buddy Katarina and I went to have lunch, a makeover, and to do some shoe shopping. Filled with some scrumptious fish and chips and glowing from makeovers at the MAC counter, I began to direct us to the shoe department.

Katarina likes the slow and easy approach. She took her time, stopping at the perfume counters and looking at various things. When we finally arrived at the shoe department I telescoped my head 3-4 times and then saw what I wanted. It resonated deep within me.

You see when I decided that I wanted to go shopping for shoes, it was specifically with a short boot in mind. I wanted something feminine, sexy, unusual and memorable.

There they were! A HOT pair of blue suede booties with a stiletto heel. I tried them on in one size, then another size, an then I put the pair in the box and took them to the counter for purchase. I had found my sexy sassy blue suede bootie, the one thing I wanted to buy

“You don’t want to look around at anything else?”, asked Katarina.

“No, I said, I knew what I wanted before I came in and I found them. Aren’t they sassy?”, I laughed.

SHe agreed they were and complimented me on my taste.

We were out of the store a few mintues later.

You see, I like to shop but I am not the typical shopper. Growing up it was always quite funny that my older brother would hear about a mall or shopping center and immiediately he wanted to get down there so we could spend hours walking around and buying things. It would make me craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

I like to make a list, a least in my head,, and know what I have coupons for, waht is on sale and where what I want is locarted. Then I head direclty to whatever is on my list and buy it. It is usually not hard ot for me to find what I want because I have the details in my mind. I know what shape, size, brand, color etc I want to target and I head straight for it. I do not, as I call it, waste my time lolligagging around with things I don’t want as I know I won’t buy them.

I know what I want and I hone in one them like a missile on a target and I don’t stop until I get what I want. LOL, so yes, I am Tenacious B.

Blue Seude Bootie Client

So should it be with your business and your clients. If you want to have a profitable Tarot business, you need to know WHO are looking for — who you are targeting. When you know your target and keep your target in your mind, the law of attraction works even faster. It draws that client to you and draw you to your client. Your blue suede bootie client fits you well, and the relationship is mutually satisfying. There is not need to spend hours, day, weeks, month or years dealing with people who are not your blue suede bootie client — the one who will buy what you are selling!

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Here’s to finding your blue suede bootie…


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