Fired Up! Mutable Grand Cross and Full Moon in Sagittarius

Fired Up! Mutable Grand Cross and Full Moon in Sagittarius

We have the Summer Solstice today and we are living with a Mutable Grand Cross AND a Full Moon in Sagittarius today!! This is fiery, yet elusive stuff that can make you feel like you are drowning in quicksand and a dragon is breathing fire on you as you struggle to save yourself. The ground beneath all you want to be stable in life is dissolving. Things are coming at you that you cannot see. My advice is that you secure yourself by telling the truth to yourself about your need for mature relationships and situations with mature people, doing (Saturn) what you know is right (Saturn) and humane (Sagittarius) and dreaming with all creativity (Neptune in Pisces) about the fact that truthfully (Sagittarius) you can expand your harvest in life (Jupiter in Virgo) by creating more freedom through commitment (Saturn in Sagittarius).

Mutable Grand Cross

This mutable Grand Cross at least allows for flexibility in making changes! It is much better in “feel” than a fixed Grand Cross.

We have Saturn in Sagittarius right now and through December 2017. Saturn wants us to show up, do the work, accept the limitations, challenges, or cosmic reprimands, and put into demolition anything that is not serving us well or not working out and is no longer in line with what we want to embody. Be truthful with yourself about that. You have been pushed to do this for some time and at the end of May you knew clearly that an old relationship or situation was not working out. Do not project your frustration and loss onto other people. Do not meddle in other people’s affairs. Release that old relationship or situation and move on to the new one. This is the (hard) work and there is great reward in it.

Neptune Delusions

Neptune is the player in this that I see as the problem child in this configuration. Lies, false accusations, lack of truthtelling is happening because of it. Recently, I was sent a transcript, anonymously (Neptune) and probably gotten through clouded means (Neptune) but which revealed clearly to me the truth about an elusive situation: that a small group of “leaders” in a place where I have done some volunteering have been badmouthing and backstabbing me. The transcript revealed they have been creating vague lies (Neptune) in hopes of closing down my creativity and productivity. At the head of it is a manager with a desire for power and a disrespect for her boss. This manager, a Cancerian with a Saturn in Sagittarius (Saturn Return time!) engaged and led this group in gossip sessions full of foulmouthed statements breaching of my confidentiality and boasts about how they had tricked (Neptune) me into thinking they liked me. This manager asked the group to give her somethimg she could use to convimce her boss to kick me out of the organization. In response, one woman, Kate, actually proposed to the group that they fabricate a lie accusing me to the manager’s boss of having “taken unlimited quantiies of free stuff everyday”.  She wrote that she would gladly testify that her lie was true, to get me out. There, you can use that, she wrote. When she learned I knew gossip and lies she had been fabricating, she threatened to quit to create a big drama obscuring her behavior. Jealousy, fear and resentment was clear. They repeatedly said unnamed people were afraid of me.  It was all a shocking and disturbing revelation to me.

Jupiter in Virgo

Jupiter in Virgo rules this Full Sagittarius Moon so the message is focus on the true goal; and locate and throw out dogma, judgment, and fearful discriminations and prejudices of all kinds within yourself so you can move on to create a more creative, inclusive life. Be honest with yourself and with others. Tell the truth and do it with love. This Full Moon in Sagittarius, Summer Solstice amd Saturn in Sagittarius call us to truth.

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