FOG ELIMINATOR: August 25, 2014 – New Moon In Virgo

FOG ELIMINATOR: August 25, 2014 – New Moon In Virgo

clarity-fogIf you have ever lived in an area that get REAL winter you know about having to clean off your car in the morning before being able to drive. You must run the engine and warm it, turn on the heat in the car, and scrape off the snow. It is also vital to clear the windows. After removing the snow you must also deal with the condensation that fogs up the window. One of the handiest things ever invented are these cloths that you wipe on the inside glass, which prevents the  the fog. Once you use these anti-fog cloths, you are golden! Provided you have good snow tires and drive carefully, winter driving is a breeze with these anti-fog cloths. They give you the clarity you need so you can see where you are heading and avoid obstacles.

If only we could do this with life — run an anti-fog cloth over it and see clearly where everything is heading. Well, in a way, you can today, The New Moon in Virgo brings the  Sun and Moon to oppose Neptune in Pisces in a 3-4 degree orb. The New Moon is shining a light on the confusion and fog of the last six months. You will find yourself focusing on serious matters in life and you will have more light and clarity in making wise decisions.

You Can See Clearly Now

In fact it is a top priority under this New Moon energy to bring things to a conclusion and a fresh new start. The anti-fog cloth of the Sun and Moon opposite Neptune in Pisces means healing of wounds is a real possibility so long as you stay honest and real. Changing you life is possible. Things are not warped in perspective  anymore. The false impermanent images, people and distractions that kept you away from what is real, practical and permanent are gone. What is real remains. You can now see what needs to change and the path  where you can proceed. Whether it is a health matter, relationship or career, there is light shining today on how you can improve the situation. Give it your attention.

You may not be able to do everything and you may not be able to do grand things, but you can do some things and you can do things on a smaller scale. They can be just as good, because you have taken the initiative to make steps forward after sitting stuck in fog for so long.

What needs to change will be apparent to you. You will not need wonder. It will  be glaringly clear. Unclutter, clean up, organize, take care of loose ends, get moving on things you never finished, move forward with plans. Make a checklist and use it as you go long to get things accomplished. Clarity and wisdom are now within you grasp.

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