Food, Family and Money – Values and the 2nd House

Food, Family and Money – Values and the 2nd House

As I write this, we are in the midst of what our governor is calling a “shelter in place” order. We have been preparing for this for weeks in the midst of the worsening global COVID-19/Corona virus crisis. In early February I started baking cakes and breads for colleagues and neighbors. They were so surprised. I don’t seem like the Domestic diva/homemaker type. Now that the order is in place, I have been baking even more and cooking large pots of collard greens with lamb bacon, potato latkes, beef stew and chicken soup with egg noodles. My hungry neighbors are grateful and amazed. I am either looking glam like I am on my way to a party or I am very practical and school teacher-ish. This is all explained by my 2nd house (and a bit by my 12th house.

The Second House and Your Values

The 2nd house is the house of what we value and should be valuing in this life. It is connected to early childhood, inheritance family and…FOOD. very connected to family, early childhood, and the ancestry we inherit. The second house, no mater what sign you have cusping it or contained within it, is Taurean (Taurus being the 2nd sign of the zodiac). It is a sign that likes the sensual – the comforts of home and family, money, and bodily comforts like sex and food.

We All Have A Food Story

When dealing with food, the 2nd house reveals how we were fed, how we want to be fed and our desires around cooking. It is the house that reveals our feelings around nurturance. Here is where you find the roots of anorexia nervosa and bulimia as well as obesity and food preferences.

Food was plentiful in my house growing up and the kitchen was the center of the house and the family. I have a 4-planet stellium of Virgo planets in the 2nd house. I am very organized about my kitchen – the refrigerator, the pantry shelves, and everything associated with cooking and eating there. My shelves are full with food and spices. I come from a background of New England culture (chowders, roasts, meat pies, fish dishes and breads etc.), and African American culture (cornbread, fruit pies, fried chicken, lamb chops, okra and various types of greens, potato salad, macaroni and cheese, salmon pancakes, barbecued meats, delicious sauces, etc.) and Jewish culture (potato latkes with creamy sour cream and sweet apple sauce, matzo ball soup, roasted chicken, challah, matzoh with whipped butter, tzimmes, thick pastramai sandwiches etc).

Packed away in my 12th house is the love planet, Venus, in Cancer – the Mother of all signs. So guess what happens with me around food? I like good food, like to cook but I reserve my culinary delights and capabilities for those who are worthy of them – that is, I do HIDE my skills because cooking, eating and sharing meals has a deep psychological meaning for me.

I show my love for people – singlely or collectively – by cooking for them. I get great pleasure in nurturing them with comforting food (sometimes healthy, sometimes not so healthy). Normally I a reserved and cool. I am not such callous, but I am not physical expressive with people with whom I do not feel a good vibe. However, this global pandemic has me worried (Virgo) so I cook to nurture (Cancer) people around me. It is my orderly and practical (Virgo) way of taking care of the people around me.

No Vibe, No Food?

I do not loudly tout myself as a great cook – meaning I don’t reveal it as a matter of course. It remains a “secret”. I do not let boyfriends know I can cook until I was sure they are worthy (2nd house) of my culinary skills. That qualifies them to share a home-cooked meal with me. Even then, so far, there has not been a man who has benefited from how well I can cook because I have yet to marry one of them. No vibe? No food from my kitchen! That man will get some GOOD homemade meals and share wonderful mealtimes with me. I also refrain from eating meals with people with whom there is conflict – I get indigestion.

Your Food Story

What is YOUR 2nd house story around food? How is it connected to another house? WHat else does it say about your values and family inheritance?

If you do not know your houses, order a consultation and let’s see what’s cooking!



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