Fortunate Change

Fortunate Change

giantjupiterpmWe have been through the wringer this winter with severe weather and celestial events. Now comes an opportunity for sudden innovation and fortunate change.Saturn in Sagittarius is forcing people to deal with the truth and stop telling themselves a story full of lies about themselves, their life and their situations. Right now, if people choose to tell the truth and stop living in denial, they can benefit. If people stop attempting to control and manipulate others into joining their personal drama and thus live in the darkness of shame and lies, there is healing and a bright future.

Today, March 3, 2015 is a calm before a story and plans or actions currently underway may get cancelled, delayed or deferred. If that happens and life changes, spend the day some creative work (writing, painting, music) and making alternate plans.

Today, March 3, 2015, beneficent and abundant Jupiter forms a gorgeous trine to Uranus, the planet of change, innovation, surprises, expansion and chaos. Do not take this to be bad because change can make life better. Plan social events and work meetings on this day!  Venus, the planet of what we value, love, beauty and money, is lurking nearby Uranus in Aries.

It will be a HEAVY EMOTIONAL DAY and you can also expect it to be a POWERFUL day socially and financially. That powerfulness could also signify power struggles if someone tends to be manipulative, aggressive or impulsive.

On Wednesday March 4, 2015 Venus will  join the trine and launch Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto and the Full Moon enters the earthy sign of Virgo at 6:58 AM EST,

Virgo Moons are great for organizing life and accomplishing tasks Use all this energy to give you a boost for the entire week!

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