Fortune Telling or Taking Control of Your Life

Fortune Telling or Taking Control of Your Life

Have you seen one of these machines before, at the grocery store or a carnival? It is, of course, a fortune telling machine. You put in a nickel or a quarter, and in less than 30 seconds, it gives you a small card with a pre-made  telling of your “fortune”, a fabricated prediction of the path of your situation and life.

Other than here on Healing Universe, I sometimes take phone calls via another site. It can be very challenging at times.  In the last three weeks, and especially in the last 24 hours, I have received numerous calls, lasting the 1-2 (free) minutes that I graciously sent out to discount a call to me. As I have explained to before to the callers there, you will never get a reading in that time and no consultation can be done in that time. A Tarot or astrology consultation is a serious thing. This is a profession and a professional service, not a fortune-telling machine service with a live voice. 

 My most serious concern on that site is that some people call, stay on long enough to quickly SCREAM  or unintelligibly MUMBLE a question at me without introducing themselves, I begin to shuffle cards and/or focus on Spirit and their question, and then they hang up, not wanting to pay money for the important information they seek about their life. Some call me back 3-5 times in a row on free minutes trying to get a complete reading this way. It is disturbing spiritually and disrespectful to themselves and me.

When you come to me in-person for a consultation, you pay up front for the entire consultation when you reserve it or you pay before before we begin if you are a walk-in, and sit down. When you come in-person, we sit, introduce ourselves and I connect with your energy and begin to do the reading. Depending on what you have asked for before we began, I do a general reading and then specific questions resulting from it or that you already have OR I do a reading on a specific area of your life as requested. The atmosphere is peaceful, unhurried, and respectful. You are not driving your car and paying attention to traffic while yelling at me on speakerphone and going in and out of reception, dealing with paperwork at your desk, or sitting around partying with friends (these are examples of how some callers on that service are approaching our time together). Some of these same people will complain on sites like that and leave low ratings simply to” bash” the reader (nasty personal comments, curse words, slanderous comments about them as a person and professional etc.) when they as a customer never allowed 15-30 minutes reading of any depth and connection to take place and refused to heed the insight because it would mean changing their lives.

People seek psychic, Tarot and astrology consultations in order to gain control over the direction of their lives and to improve them. It cannot be done when you approach your consultant or your situations like fortune telling machines. You cannot expect your life to be clarified and guided in 1, 2, 3, 5 minutes. You also cannot expect to have the benefit of spiritual guidance in 3-5 minute increments interrupted by me having to listen to Muzak while you add money. 

You ALWAYS find and have the money for what you value, no matter the price. This is YOUR LIFE you are seeking guidance on. I ask you, how highly do you value your life?

Many of you clearly show you value my services and you put funds in your account before calling so that we have at least 15 – 30 minutes before you need to add funds for  Tarot reading OR you have prepaid for your astrology consultation and we have time to discuss what we need to discuss. We have a rapport and spirit flows, revealing insight and guidance for you. I certainly appreciate those of you who do this! You know who you are.

So, the choice is always up to you — is the value of your life worth a $.05 fortune telling machine prediction OR an authentic session of professional guidance where you take time to get what is needed to be in control of your life and its situations?





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