FRESH AIR AND FREEDOM TO RESTART: New Moon in Gemini – May 28, 2014

FRESH AIR AND FREEDOM TO RESTART: New Moon in Gemini – May 28, 2014

freshairNew Moon in Gemini 2014

Are you seeking a new start in some area of life? Would you like to finally shake off the last vestiges of the winter and dive into the warmth of summer?

The New Moon in Gemini 2014, the last of the spring season, occurs at 11:40am  PDT on May 28, 2014 at 07° Gemini 21? 20″.

The Sabian Symbol for this lunation of Gemini 8: Aroused strikers surround a factory.

People are upset about the status quo and there has been a lot of confusion and stubbornness. Now, in both personal and professional relationships, you can expect outbursts of anger as people try to move past confusion, clarify their desires and reach a new agreement. Those who will not release stale, old, tired ways and stubborn attitudes will find themselves angry and left behind. Those who look for the new possibilities in situations will breathe fresh air and find freedom.

The image of angry striking workers surrounding a factory and demanding changes reveals that we are all dealing, personally and professionally, collectively and individually with conditions that are unsatisfactory and must change. We want and need, in some area of life,  a new understanding, a new agreement, a new sense of freedom and clarity.

Detachment is Key

Life picks up pace in the late spring when we get a mentally alert but emotionally detached New Moon in Gemini and this will be no exception. The only thing is there may be some snafus and delays as we are in the shadow of a Mercury retrograde — and remember Mercury rules Gemini (and Virgo). In fact, both Geminians and Virgoans will be strongly affected by this lunation for the three days of the New Moon. You could feel overwhelmed or confused.

My advice?

  • Take care of yourself: get eight (8) hours of daily sleep and eat well
  • Take care of yourself: do whatever it takes to have time alone to mentally process and relax
  • Write your thoughts
  • Write something creative
  • Do some solo research
  • Write letters or short cards to some people and mail them (especially “thank you” notes”)
  • Call people you love and have a catch-up chat
  • Get out in nature and take walks or go running, even if only in a park
  • Practice breathing deeply and expanding your lung capacity

These are all forms of detachment. There is nothing you need to do that cannot wait until you feel clear about it. If people want to push you or get into a fight, tell them to “hold that thought” and get away for some quiet time. You are not required to engage in an argument because someone else wants to do so. Detach. Detach. Detach.

Sagittarius, Fiery and Creative, Lurks

Latent or not so obvious energy in this is Sagittarius themes. Sag is feisty sharp-tongued, playful, sexual, creative, intellectual and likes to have fun. This will balance out the cool and detached Gemini energy.

This energy is likely to surface as people are dealing with the consequences of their actions since the New Moon in Taurus. The May 14/15 Full Moon in Scorpio revealed the consequences of hidden actions and covert behaviors — where and how people have been sabotaging themselves. For some, it simply brought endings and the fulfillment of a cycle. Some people are now receiving the consequences of their actions or inactions and looking to blame others for their losses. They are throwing punches, so move away so their punch connects with nothing but air.

Fresh Air and Freedom to Restart

 Whatever you and whoever you must release because of their stubborn behavior or vengeful ways is okay to release. Sometimes it is that you are the one being stubborn and vengeful and you must release your attitude and change your actions.  Whichever the case, when you release during the New Moon in Gemini 2014, you will find yourself breathing fresh air and having the freedom to restart and reinvigorate some area of your life (check your Gemini and Sagittarius occupied houses).

There will be some surprises!

If you would like to get a transit report on this New Moon, order one today!

Because it is a New Moon, you should write your intentions (goals) and take a few minutes during it to offer the up to the Universe. Watch what unfolds over the next month (perhaps two months because of the Mercury retrograde).

New Moon in Gemini (timing)

11:40am PDT

12:40pm MDT

1:40pm CDT

2:40pm EDT

6:40pm GMT

7:40pm CEDT

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