Full Moon in Gemini: December 17, 2013

Full Moon in Gemini: December 17, 2013

The December 17, 2013 Full Moon in Gemini, coming after the Geminids shower will be an emotional pull to learn balance learning more trivia and information with being more philosophical, specialization in some area of knowledge, coming to deep understanding of life. It is the balance between being being religions and being spiritual. It is the balance between being materialistic and spiritual. It is the balance between egocentric and being other-focused. It is a balance between short distance travel in your town and taking a transatlantic plane flight.hulogostore500

Full Moon in Gemini 2013

Gemini concerns itself with knowledge and its expression. Co-ruled by Mercury, Gemini is about communication. Communicating knowledge and information is a part of this lunar energy. A Full Moon is about resolution, endings and fulfillment.

At the same time that this lunation occurs, Uranus (the higher octave expression Mercury) turns direct in the sign of Aries and brings not only mental stimulation, but flashes of brilliance and sharp insight. ll as communication across dimensions.

The Full Moon occurs on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis on Tuesday December 17, 2013 at 1:28am PST/4:28 EST and 10:28pm CEST and brings us the opportunity to bring things to conclusion in love and romance by communicating the truth internally and externally about our relationships and finances. It is a time to take a risk/take a chance and express the feelings you have withheld for so long for whatever reason. It is the time to tell yourself the truth about your finances and how you handle them, so that if there needs to be improvement, you can end the mishandling and start the prosperity.

Mars in Libra

This Full Moon in Gemini will briefly trine Mars in Libra so there will be opportunity to not only talk and socialize, but to gain wisdom and understanding. You can think coherently about how to bring balance, healing, wholeness and resolution to your relationships and unresolved situations and take action  on those insights and thoughts, between December 16-20. 

This could be challenging because Gemini is constantly questioning things and wanting to leave the options open, while Libra can be immensely indecisive, preferring that someone else take the action that represents making the decision. They want to appear to be in harmony with everything. This is a lot of air. It is a good thing Mars is in the mix, forcing some decision-making and with the Moon in its fullness, something must come to conclusion.

The Public is Listening

The Full Moon in Gemini is also a call to communicate and provide information to the masses through updating your blog, writing a poem, making final edits in preparation for publishing a book, making a speech or giving a short talk. People will embrace your message.

Keep Calm, Be Social

A lot of air can cause scattered thinking, too many thoughts and a lot of “noise”: Calm your mind through meditation or do some physical exercise to tire out you body so that your mind can focus or spend quiet time with a spouse/mate or lover. This full moon is also a time to be social (Gemini and Sagittarius love to talk!) so get out there and host or attend holiday gatherings, family gatherings, concerts, plays etc. Even if you are not a Christian, this time of year can be full of activities offering opportunities to sharing some good cheer with others and bringing light into your home and heart.

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