Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: February 20/21, 2008

This year has been a very active one astronomically, with significant movements: Saturn in Virgo retrograde, Mars in Gemini retrograde and then stationing direct, Chiron and Venus in Aquarius, a New Moon solar eclipse in he constellation of Leo and now, a Full Moon total lunar eclipse in the constellation of Virgo is occurring on February 20/21, 2008.

February 21, 2008 1º53’Virgo 4:27 am CEST

At exactly 4:27 am CET the Sun will be moving opposite the Moon through the constellation of Pisces 1º53’. The Earth will align exactly between the Moon in Virgo and Sun in Pisces, blocking the light of the Sun to the Moon. For astrological purposes, because it is so close to the next degree, it is considered to be at 2º Virgo. Those with planets between 28º Leo through 5º Virgo will be most affected, as will the life areas covered by those houses in a person’s natal chart.

To calculate the times when it will occur for you, here are some time zones: 10:27 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on the east coast of the Americas, 7:27 p.m. Pacific Standard Time (PST) on the west coast, and 03:27 Universal Time (UT) and 4:27 am Central European Time (Copenhagen, Brussels).

When Full Moons occur we are more emotional and during a lunar eclipse it is magnified. We become more creative and artistic; our spirituality and intuition are also heightened and we are more emotionally connected to people and situations. We can feel quite stressed because of this change in emotional environment. However if we do not resist what is causing us to “feel deeper” we will open new doors of possibilities and opportunities. The stress can feel like a crisis – and in Chinese philosophy, a crisis is a combination of chaos and opportunity. What began at the New Moon now comes to fruition at the Full Moon.

You can expect that an old phase of your life or some part of it is coming to and end. It is likely that something new began within five days of the solar eclipse on February 7 (so that would be somewhere between February 2 and February 12). However, because eclipses are so strong, there can be significant events as late as two weeks after the eclipse. Where the solar eclipse fell in your chart will receive more attention until the total solar eclipse in Leo on August 1, 2008. That solar eclipse on February 7 is the primary area in which you will need to focus; this lunar eclipse on February 21 will be the secondary area of chaos/opportunity and will give you insight as to what hidden or repressed areas you must release into the open in order to grow in the direction required by the solar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will highlight events where it falls in your chart until the partial lunar eclipse in Aquarius on August 16, 2008.

For example, if the solar eclipse on February 7, 2008 fell in your 1st house, you are being called to balance individuality and independence and the self with partnership, marriage, and/or business relationships – to become balanced in your dealings with and consideration/inclusion of the “other”. Now, this lunar eclipse will highlight what you are really valuing and what you expect from a partner on a very intimate level, either sexually, financially, of psychologically – or any combination of the three areas.

For many single people with a Leo Ascendant, it was a time of coming into close contact with a genuine marriage or life partner and the lunar eclipse in Virgo occurs in the 2nd house and will highlight anything that must be recognized, acknowledged, changed, transformed, and/or healed in order for the marriage/partnership to take place. There could be a change from icy singlehood with financial struggles and sexual wounds or celibacy to a deeply caring, warm and very healing sexual relationship with a partner who balances out your finances and who becomes your marriage partner. It could even be that YOU are healing for that partner in those same ways!
Saturn in Virgo retrograde is in close orb to this eclipse, giving it an energy that means there will be an air of caution, common sense, slowness of movement and decision. Taking responsibility and doing things in a responsible manner will be a strong part of whatever happens during this eclipse.
Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is ending just before this eclipse, so there will be a chance to communicate in a more articulate fashion and matters which seemed confusing or stagnant in the three weeks previous will now begin to be clarified. People with a Sun in Aquarius, in particular, may find they can finally say what has been on their minds/what they want concerning relationships, work and finances. Now is the time when Sun Aquarius people may find they want to initiate healing by opening up to a partner or potential partner by getting in touch with and voicing the feelings they have been detaching from in the past months.
A special note: for some people, the solar eclipse heralded the removal of a male from your life; similarly, this lunar eclipse may herald the removal of a female from your life, or conversely, if you are female, if may herald your removal from a male’s life (remember, you may want to remove yourself from some male’s life if you now realize it is your best path). You may want to lay low, keep things emotionally light, or take the week off and have some space in order to avoid unecessary arguments.
I do know some people who take a few days of vacation alone or intentionally avoid email, the tephone and generally avoid people when eclipses come that touch significant points in their charts.
Keep your eyes open for the lessons – and write me about any changes which occurred for your on or about February 7, and coming up, on or about February 21.

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