Full Moon Square Uranus – July 20, 2016 – The Republican Convention

Full Moon Square Uranus – July 20, 2016 – The Republican Convention

Sometimes you just KNOW that something is going to go sideways. This month’s Full Moon in Capricorn will be such a time. This Full Moon in Capricorn occurs at 27°40′ Capricorn on July 19, 2016 at 6:58 PM, EST /July 20, 2016 12:58 AM CEST in Europe). Europe will be watching because the Republican Convention occurs under this lunation and something wacked is about to happen.

When You Just “KNOW”

Once when I was little my mother refused to allow me to go with her and my father to the grocery store. When she returned some hours later, she was walking slowly with the grocery bags and she sat me down to talk to me. They had bene uin a car accident and the back seat, where I would have bene sitting, was totally smashed in. They were fine and Daddy would be home after the hospital checked him out some more. My mother had not felt I should go on that trip and she heeded her intuition. We are both glad she did.

The energy of a Full Moon begins a week or so ahead of the exact moment (the peak) and last the following two weeks until the New Moon two weeks later (which in this case is August 2).

We have serious security-concerned and  Saturn-ruled Capricorn (business and priority-setting) square Uranus (shocks, surprises and unusual events as well as the internet) in Aries (anger, headoncollisionviolence)

Full Moons are polarizing by their nature because it is the Sun versus the Moon and people can let their emotions override their usual common sense.

Speeding, Swerving and Crashing

So, this lunation has an intuitive and emotional Sun in Cancer opposite a practical and depressive Moon in Capricorn. There is a fight for control among these two cardinal signs. Meanwhile,  the freedom-loving planet of change, chaos and shocks, Uranus is opposing them both from Aries, the planet ruled by the bloody and angry God of War, Mars. Mars is in Scorpio right now and Mars in Scorpio is in the late degrees of that sign, digging in its heels and won’t take no crap without pounding the crapper (nearly) to death.

This is the kind of energy under which people get in a fight over who is going to steer the car and while fighting smash into a restaurant full of diners.

The saving grace here is that Venus and Mercury are in harmony with Saturn so we could get the fight settled without crashing the car. However, that may only mean that the fighting participants still drive the car up on the sidewalk, causing people to jump out o th way or get their feet run over. There still may be damage to people’s health, lives, businesses and sense of security along the way.

Full Moon Square Uranus: Relationships Breaks

If your relationship is shaky — it will likely break now because someone wants freedom at any cost. Old problems can need radical new solutions and a sudden clean break, although painful, may be the answer. With both of you fighting for control or one of you driving like a demon on speed, things will change one way or another.

The Republican Convention

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It is hot in Cleveland now as the Republican National Convention is being held July 18-21 in this city and Donald Trump could well walk off with the nomination, facing Democrat Hillary Clinton in the battle for President of the United States of America. Think Trump won’t get the nomination? Do not be surprised under this lunation. Expect the unexpected. It certainly will not be a calm, warm, welcomed event for many in the USA and tthe world. Europe will be affected as will the remainder of the world if Donald Trump becomes leader of the United States of America. Donald Trump has natal Venus at 25°  and Saturn at 23° Cancer. so he is directly in the spotlight of this Full Moon as it forms a t-square with his Venus-Saturn conjunction and Uranus. What he can expect are sudden and surprising events and situations. Deep down he may not think he will get the nomination but will put on the bravado anyway….and could well end up with the nomination even if he also “knows” he won’t get elected president.

This Full Moon square Uranus highlights that over the next six months, if he gets the nomination, Trump faces more conflicts with others, insecurities and burdensome issues and responsibilities. He will face a tremendous amount of opposition, and could even consider giving up.

Mars at 25-26 degrees of Scorpio trines his Venus, lending some support at the start, but by the end of the convention Mars squares his natal Mars and this represents anger, aggressive behavior, fights and confrontations. As Mars was retrograde most of the spring this represents the third pass of this transit. Both transits in the past months brought major conflicts/upsets with others.

The USA’s Sibly chart  places natal Pluto in the second house of earned income. Mars in Scorpio is there now. Pluto rules raw power, hidden undercurrents, bullies, and nuclear issues. This Moon will be an emotionally intense time. However it turns out, the outcome will be a rough one.

Let us look forward to getting to clean up the mess on and begin to get a new start with the August 2 New Moon in Leo. Then we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Virgo in September.

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