Funky Full Moon in Pisces!

Funky Full Moon in Pisces!

Every time that I look in the mirror
All these lines on my face gettin’ clearer, the past is gone
It went by like dusk to dawn, Isn’t that the way?
Everybody’s got their dues in life to pay

Well I know nobody knows
Where it comes and where it goes
I know it’s everybody’s sin
You got to lose to know how to win”

“Dream On” by Aerosmith



Whoa!!!!!! What a trippy emotional Full Moon in Pisces we are now floating under today!!!

snakeThis sensitive, intuitive and dreamy lunation washed over us at 6:38pm PDT/ 9:38EDT/3:38am CEDT. Most of all, it was funky in its delusions, an quite revealing in its truths about what is really happening in relationships, This energy began over the weekend with Neptune in Pisces (Neptune rules dreams and sleep). Seven hours ago it got downright acid trippy!! So many phone calls came with clients realizing boyfriends and spouses are snake-in-the-grass cheats; or that the man in their life is intentionally hiding himself away and has no intention of healing their relationship so they must leave; or that the woman in their life is more, um, multi-faceted than he believed and she is nearly gone from his life, like trying to hold a slippery fish in your hands.

Intense dreams! I had one of them and it bolted me out of bed, full with emotion and lit up in my intuition. I turned on the phone and sat a few minutes and the phone began ringing with people calling about revelations of dirty, lowdown sneaky mean men/women in their lives — and the dreams all involved sex and/or money!

Mercury and Mars in Pisces

There are people in our lives who prefer to continue even one more day in unreal deceit and manipulation, killing your future together, RATHER THAN come clean and live in committed reality and intimate sexual harmony with us.

“Terry” is a man with Mercury and Mars in Pisces. He “controls” his emotions under ice by hiding away from the honest and forgiving Virgo woman he loves (Mercury), won’t marry her and won’t stop telling direct lies and hiding information (Mercury) about the dishonest sex business and dishonest business partners (Mars) in which he is involved and ashamed. He is attracted to and unable to free himself from associations with a man and a woman who have Moon in Pisces, and both of them lie to him and manipulate him for sexual purposes. However, “Terry” compulsively cannot get himself off this path of destruction. His strong mental resolve is dissolving and weakening  his life into bilgewater (waste) in a sea of delusional destruction.

With Neptune in Pisces, these deluded idiots think we do not know the truth about their “sins” just because they do not tell us. LOL.

When I write “sins”, I mean it as a self-categorization: it is that the person doing the deeds knows that what they are doing is out of alignment with their values but do it anyway.

In the higher octave, Neptune rules creativity, altruism, and magic. In the lower octave, Neptune rules deception, escapism, theft, hospitals and prisons. Tap into the higher octaves of this Full Moon in Pisces and focus on your dreams. Restore your mind and spirit this week because these few days could be disruptive.

Lies and Deceptions: Neptune Opposite Venus

The Moon in Pisces conjoined Neptune in Pisces early yesterday. Under this influence people can feel or act in a delusional manner, irrationally, and overly emotional. Neptune can cloud one’s vision so it can be challenging to comprehend people’s true intentions. Do not read too much into things. In fact, stay home or to yourself as much as possible these next three days until September 12. Watch movies, read books, paint or draw, dance and listen to music to deal with this creative right brain energy. Do crossword puzzles and word games to get the rational left side of the brain into action and balance the energy.

I am staying in my pajamas today, watching movies, napping, drinking lots of water, writing and both listening/making music. The Beach Boys is at the top of the list. Do the same if you can!

Be precise in what you say so that others cannot misinterpret.

Now, Neptune in Pisces, in all its intensity and confusion, is also making a challenging opposition to Venus in Virgo on September 10, in less than a day. Venus is the planet of love and money

Watch for lies and deception to be revealed in relationships and financial matters. Take care how you appear to others and be extremely conscious of what you do and say. Right now even you are clouded about your own motivations so step back and reflect — THINK!!! — before you do or say anything.

Possible Manifestations This Week:


QuaintanceBathsPossible things we could see:

You or someone you know is involved in a dishonest financial deal or business and it is going to be exposed.

You or someone you know is sexually or emotionally cheating on you.

You or someone you know could now face legal problems over secretive “dirty” money/business dealings as the details of someone’s lies become too much of an obstacle.

You or someone you are involved with earning income through a sex business (BDSM club, gay bathhouse, pornography etc), which in and of itself may not be illegal, but the financial details or investors are corrupt, criminal or otherwise deceptive. You have not told your partner, family or the general public because you are ashamed for them to know of your involvement. Things will dissolve.

(Check out George Quaintance’s artwork if you have the chance).

HERE IS A BIG ONE MANY CALLED ME ABOUT TODAY: It will become clear to you that the man or woman in your life has been intentionally hermiting away (Virgo) and being a sexual prude/sexually starving you (Virgo) in order to control you. The person is into emotional if not sexual BDSM and they are dominating you! They have denied you love, sex and affection and passively, even critically watched you suffer (Pisces) as an intentional attempt to make the relationship exist only on their terms instead of being a mutual love relationship. He or she says “NO” to you  to abuse you (Pisces) and you have let them make you suffer (Virgo). It will be clear, through the fog (Pisces) that you must end the connection and communication  here and now at this Full Moon in Pisces.



Love Gets A New Start Pt. 1: September 24th New Moon

This Full Moon in Pisces is the Full Moon before the New Moon in Libra. You have given hints and in some cases outright told your loved one that you want to set things on the right track by the end of the month. Knowing astrology, some of us have told the men in our loves that we want to get on the right track and take a romantic vacation together on September 24, on this New Moon i Libra. So now you have a decision to make when he does not do what it takes to make it happen or doe snot make the time to take the vacation and has no excuse he can tell you about in any honesty(Neptune the Liar is lurking and hiding the details!!). How can you love a fake, lying snake on a power trip?

Love Gets A New Start Pt. 2: October 8 Eclipse

This is one of two October eclipses, which will BLOW false, frustrating, passive-aggressive bullshit people out of your life — and there exists the possibility that you will be the one to actually kick them in the hind quarters and boot them out the door. LOL, but you could also just get on a airplane and leave them geographically.  Get ready for the October 8 eclipse. Any loving, fair, deserving person not already in a good relationship by then,  will be able to move on and get the true love they deserve. This is a lunar eclipse so women will be doing the ass-kicking and flying away. How can you love a fake, lying snake who is choking the life out of you?

Love Gets A New Start Pt. 3: October 23 Eclipse

Oh wow! This eclipse will not only show the dirty financial and sexual behavior of your cheating partners and (soon not-so-loved-ones) it will deal a death blow to the relationship and they simply will not exist in your life any more. WOO HOO!! This is a solar eclipse, so largely it will be men getting blown out of women’s lives because the men’s dirty sexual denials, sexual power trips over women in a relationship and dirty sex and financial dealing will be exposed. The women will realize the man never intended to commit to engagement and/or marriage or be monogamous if in a marriage. It is not possible to love a fake, slithering snake who has no love for you and is killing you!

With these three major turning points over 30 days, you can see your love life transformed because YOU can transform it through releasing the snake in your life.

A snake is always a snake, is always a snake.

It hides away beneath a rock. It slithers out and around

only to choke you and poison you to death; while you gasp and beg for life,

It fills and stiffens your heart with poison

until you are dead inside.


It is a funky Full Moon in Pisces. The HEALING thing to do is focus on yourself and take GOOD care of yourself!

Call me if you want an astrology or Tarot reading to navigate this confusion and deception.


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