GAME CHANGER: New Moon in Aries – March 30, 2014

GAME CHANGER: New Moon in Aries – March 30, 2014

To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right. ~~Confucius

newmoonariesThe New Moon in Aries is a game changer that brings us all opportunity to do a new thing by uniquely expressing old forms, old knowledge and traditional methods in a new way. Old calcified structures and corrupt or failed relationships will crumble and in some cases completely break down. China and the Chinese will be prominent in the news between March 30-April 29.

This fiery New Moon is at Aries 10. The Sabian Symbol for it is, A Teacher Gives New Symbolic Forms To Traditional Images is followed by Uranus at Aries 13, A Bomb Which Failed To Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery. Expect the unexpected, be the unexpected and accept unpredictability. I think this is a life-changing New Moon to start the astrological year. It certainly is setting up the Cardinal Grand Cross we will experience later in April.

Now is the time to rewrite your story, reinvent yourself and articulate an old thing in a new way that enables others to actually understand it. Take something that is perhaps esoteric or confusing and make it able to be simply understood. That can even be YOU. Yes, you can  transform yourself and become better understood under this New Moon in Aries. 

This degree is about taking a thing or a situation and updating it through a transformative “re-telling of the story”.

There is always time and room for reinterpreting, re-telling, restucturing and re-presenting something in our world. Now is a prime time to do it under this New Moon in Aries.

You have likely been preparing for it through analyzing and studying something in your life for some time, especially since the last New Moon in Pisces. Now you have  more depth ad insight. Now you are able to approach it from a different angle. You may even have the ability now to stand confidently against those in more authoritative positions and bring a fresh perspective. Now reformation can occur (which is not rejection!). New thoughts and behaviors will emerge now. Ideas from the past will now get a present-day and future new voice. Be inspired and fired up! Stay calm and balanced without being impatient. But do not forget, now is the time to have courage and speak up!

Go For It.

The degree after this New Moon is Aries 11: The President Of The Republic Or The Ruler Of One’s Country. 

This is a call to use patience, discipline, cal, integrity, leadership shills and personal power to inspire and lead people with the new perspective “new ” knowledge you are presenting. You must have courage. Mars, the ruler of this New Moon in Aries, is retrograde in Libra  and therefore many do not feel comfortable taking charge, but it is what is needed. Go for it!

You have an opportunity if you stay balanced and take charge without being overbearing. Empower people to take what you are teaching and uniquely use it to take charge of their own lives. They will love and respect you for it and become quite loyal followers of your leadership.

Keep your eyes open in the coming two weeks for the emergence of tyrants and dictators. They will be an example of what NOT to do.

Morning People

I am a morning person. I enjoy going to be early and getting up early before or with the Sun and enjoying the quiet, the sounds of the birds and the face of the world as it is emerging into daylight. I can get a jump on things, have time to think and get so much accomplished that people are amazed at how many things come together for me throughout the course of a day. New opportunities are created and taken advantage of by the early risers in life. Being an early riser is also like being ahead of your time. That is the energy of this New Moon in Aries.

Aries energy runs strong throughout my family. We are a family of people who take charge, act independently, do courageous things and seize opportunities. We do it without stomping on each other and with an amazing ability to be cheerleaders for each other.

Mercury is at Pisces 18 during this New Moon in Aries.and I think we will see some news about spiritual leaders in the coming two weeks in particular and over the entire month of April. Let us hope it is not about corrupt spiritual leadership but rather about inspiration and deepened spiritual understanding. Remember on a personal and professional level that being dogmatic and overbearing is not good leadership.

To bring forth this “re-telling of the story”, and this transformation of your life, you may need to remove someone or something that has become calcified and cold. On this New Moon in Aries, the planet Venus is at Aquarius 24: A Man Turning His Back On His Passions Teaches Deep Wisdom From His Experience. This New Moon may require you to turn away from someone or something so you can get a new perspective and get re-balanced. Venus is square Saturn at Scorpio 23: A Rabbit Metamorphosed Into A Nature Spirit, therefore some friendships ad relationships will wither commit and become permanent (because it is recognized that there is a profitable future in the commitment) or break completely apart because it is realized that there is not now nor will there ever be any reward in putting more energy into the person r situation (there is no future). 

China and the Chinese

I think we will hear about the Dalai Lama, Tibet, monks, priests and other spiritual leaders. I also think we will hear about childcare, nannies,  nurturing and parenthood and spiritual seeking. On this New Mon in Aries we have the energy of Jupiter at Cancer 12: A Chinese Woman Nursing A Baby Whose Aura Reveals Him To Be The Reincarnation Of A Great Teacher. We can expect some spiritual revelations, perhaps of a disappointing nature (deception? abuse?) because during this New Moon in Aries, Neptune is at Pisces 7: Illuminated By A Shaft Of Light, A Cross Lies On Rocks Surrounded By Sea and Mist.

Stay Balanced

We must be careful to hear the voices of youth and also to be life-giving to others. We must be cautious not to cut off others, whether through not listening to them, castrating them psychologically or emotionally, or just refusing to try to understand.

Remember earlier I said that Uranus is closely following this New Moon in Aries? It is quite potent. Uranus is at Aries 13: A Bomb Which Failed To Explode Is Now Safely Hidden From Discovery. This Uranus flavoring to the New Moon means that people can feel very cut off or disconnected, have insomnia or narcoleptic episodes, being brilliantly inspired then and then be mentally exhausted and restless. Tempers may flare, Sudden explosions of words or emotions may occur if careful attention is not paid.

You can prevent this. Balance your life by sleeping 8 hours a night, at night, journaling for a few minutes each morning, eating balanced meals, getting exercise daily (even only 30 minutes of walking) and spending a hour a day with someone to keep a social balance. Be firm but gentle in your radical leadership and let people take what you share with them and shape it into something they can use to revolutionize their lives in their own way. It will change your life and theirs.

Enjoy this New Moon in Aries!

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