Garden Party Fight Club – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Garden Party Fight Club – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo

The lunar eclipse on Friday, February 10, 2017 is at 22 degrees Leo. This lunar eclipse positions the Sun at 22°28′ Aquarius and the Moon at 22°28′ Leo .While we are living in a time of people fighting for control, this Full Moon is full of magical and positive possibilities and opportunities. If you are seeking a time to make your mark, this weekend is the launch time for all you want to take place over the next six months between now and September 2017!

With a lunar eclipse in particular, the eclipsing of the Moon’s light represents an emotional clearing of the last six months. Whatever took place, the baggage from it can all be put in perspective and released. The anger, resentments, fear and anxieties you have allowed to restrict your life and make it harder can now be washed out of your life like so much dirty water down the shower drain.

Fight For Control

Many of us will be dealing with exaggerated needs for personal freedom and excitement. Leo is the sign most boldly associated with the ego. There will be a strong urge to react, or rebel against anything that is stopping you from having fun (Leo) and/or doing what you want. With  a Cardinal T-square happening between Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn, tension is at an extreme. In fact, there may be a SUDDEN event that explosively and decisively releases this tension and causes a major and lasting life change for you. The more you have restricted yourself, the more you will feel this change.

Have you been holding back and pretending everything is just fine? That facade won’t last much longer. The gentle tea party is about to turn into a free-for-all in the garden and there will be nothing polite about it. The gloves are coming off and the fight will be loud. Over the next six months people will be quite comfortable about getting in your face and you will comfortable about doing the same, to assert your needs and desires.

Maven Of Your Universe

The Sabian Symbol for 23 Leo: A bareback rider. Imagine a woman stripping off her genteel garden party dress and everything beneath it, mounting a nearby horse, then riding through the garden party astride it, head held high, hair loose and breasts displayed. While some will be shocked a complain that it is obscene etc…others will begin to clap, in adoration of the beauty and boldness before them, They will will clap as this bareback riding woman makes her way through the crowd and saunters off down the road into a new life, displayed in the open. This lunation symbolizes the call for you to become the maven/master of your universe — in whatever are of your life your see fit and however you wish to do it.  Simpy do it bravely, with courage. Take the risk, exposes yourself, live dangerously , seek the center stage, in whatever you are doing, acknowledge that you want the applause and approval of the adoring crowd and go for it!

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