Get Money & Love By Walking Away: Uranus Square Venus

Get Money & Love By Walking Away: Uranus Square Venus

rootofsufferingI watched a movie once where the protagonist discovered that everything he said he wanted or focused on in his mind, he got the opposite of it. He quickly learned to change his thoughts and words so that he would get his true desires and be content. This is largely what you must do for a two year period when you have the transiting aspect of Uranus square Venus in your life. Otherwise you will only suffer and suffer badly.

In short, focus mentally on the opposite of the love relationship, the finances, the people, possessions and situations you value, in order to achieve them. Know that you want them, and know they will be attracted to you, but put no heart desire, no mental thought and no emotional desire into them. When they come to you, great. Do not hold onto them. When they arrive on your doorstep, be grateful. Do not care if they leave, for if they leave it will not be of long-term detriment to you. If someone insists on a relationship enjoy them for the moment, be grateful and make it clear to them that they are always free to leave just as you may leave. If money comes, be grateful and enjoy it for the moment. If you have a business, do not spend the money you get for transactions until at least 90 days after you have received it and can be sure it is yours to spend. Put some money away in savings but do not plan a huge future on it. Do not expect stability, security or accumulation. Everything about love, art, beauty and money is temporary. After the two years, it may well be gone, leaving only (a sometimes strange or unusual) memory.

Your love life and relationships in general will be unpredictable and difficult during this time. You may suddenly become involved in relationships that are quite different from what you would normally expect. If your relationships usually go along from day to day without much excitement, you may suddenly want one that is more exciting. You may be attracted to people who are quite different from yourself in age, class background or personality. At the same time the relationships you seek will be ones that are not binding, that allow you more freedom to come and go. This loverejectiondesire is not always conscious, so you may think you are looking for a stable and peaceful relationship, but instead you become involved in something unpredictable and unreliable. When that occurs, it is actually your own desire not to be committed that is making the relationship unstable.

Right now, I have begun this transit, with transiting Uranus in Aries, and like many with Venus in a Cardinal sign (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) in middle degrees, I am getting a violent beating in the areas of love and finances.

I am already aware that everything I attempt to hold onto and attach emotional desire to will be suddenly, aggressively, sometimes angrily, sometimes coldly taken away from me. I am very sensitive in the areas of love, money and what I value in life. Because I learn quickly, I dug down deep, examined myself and realized that rather than suffer emotionally and financially for the next two years in terms of committed relationship, love and finances, I would rather enjoy the temporary adventures of life and let what comes to me,  to arrive;  and just as quickly, say an enthusiastic farewell to whomever and whatever doesn’t stay.

Erratic and Unstable Love Relationships

If you are in a stable love relationship, this is a time when you or your partner may want more freedom or may even consider leaving the relationship permanently. If you attempt to hold onto your partner, he or she will leave. Talk about the issues between you, start anew and put your focus elsewhere than holding onto your partner. The relationship will either stabilize because of having more freedom or it will break permanently. Freedom comes either way.

The woman or man who loves you so much at this time only loves you THAT much until you become attached. Stay unattached. Watch out for possessiveness on your part. Establish clear boundaries between yourselves in terms of individuality and times when you will merge. Treat yourself in a healthy and positive manner in the relationship at all times and requires that of your partner. Your particular sign and house placements can play into this!

For example, if Uranus in Aries in your 9th house is transiting square to your natal Venus in Cancer in your 12th house, you must be careful not to allow someone to start

  1. a secret and hidden relationship
  2. a sexual affair (meaning they or you are married or otherwise partnered)
  3. a shady and uncomfortable financial deal
  4. a relationship where they hide their financial wealth and/or a financially stingy with you
  5. an age-inappropriate relationship that will go nowhere
  6. a sex-buddy relationship where they try make an offer to see how the sex goes before deciding if they will have a committed relationship with you

aquariusmaleplaydetachedIf a totally new relationship begins under this influence give each other lots of freedom and space. The person is also likely to be fairly older or fairly younger than you, or a different ethnicity, or economic class, as a measure of Uranian rebellion.

Uranus Square Venus: Here Comes The Aquarius

You might find yourself in a renewed or new relationship/marriage with a Uranian person, such as someone with a Sun, Moon or Venus in Aquarius. Uranus square Venus will draw the Uranian person, (likely an Aquarius,  but may some other Air sign), to you like a magnet even though they try to appear calm, cool and detached, nonchalantly playing with their iPhone. They WANT you. Read The Aquarius Male. It might work, so long as you both keep friendship as the basis and allow each other lots of freedom within the commitment. Many in my family clearly state they are married to their best friend (which is what you want!). Or it could be that one or both of you has a job that requires you being away from home a lot or maybe one of you lives overseas part of the year! This is the kind of arrangement a Uranian individual would find exciting and acceptable.

New love comes sooner than you think!
New love comes sooner than you think!

If it is you having the Uranus square Venus transit (meaning it is YOUR natal Venus being affected), try to spend time away from the Uranian woman or man as much as possible, again giving lots of freedom and detaching from your strong desire for them. In detaching from this person who is so erratic and unstable towards you you get what you want: the person learns to be public, respectful, stable and consistent with you — and then the relationship/marriage  can happen. If he or she does not embrace those mature qualities, then be happy because you will find love with someone else, and likely, suddenly, sooner than you think!

I am not saying you should tolerate infidelity nor should you be unfaithful. I am saying release any feelings of attachment to the other person and let the other person attach to you.

Beauty is Fleeting and In the Eye of the Beholder

When Uranus transits your Venus, you would also do well to restrain your art and design purchases. Your tastes right now are quirky and will lead to buying things that will later cause you to question your sanity at this time. Beautiful and unusual art objects, trinkets, paintings, furniture, clothing etc. are very appealing. Put your wallet away and think 10 times before buying. In most cases, do not buy at all. Take a photo; it will last longer and you can always delete it if not use it for a good laugh.

Money Comes and Money Goes

Money will come through Uranian means such as astrology, online businesses, technology the sales of unusual items. Sometimes it will be shockingly big amounts. But the money will also shockingly be taken away with sudden changes such as charge backs, refunds, lost of stolen wallets and purses etc. Stay detached from money and realize with calm that it can go as quickly as it came, as well as come as quickly as it can go. Do not allow it to change your mental or emotional state.

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