Getting Sober, Exposing Truths: Saturn-Neptune 2015-2017

Getting Sober, Exposing Truths: Saturn-Neptune 2015-2017

Addiction can take many forms. Overcoming addictions is a hard process. The Saturn-Neptune square we are experiencing is bringing both these energies to weigh heavily in our lives and in some way all us must admit our weakness, return to reality, change our habits and build new structures. This will be challenging because while Saturn builds structures, Neptue dissolves and washes them away. What seems solid become elusive.

While hilarious, this comedic skit that opened the 2015 Emmy Awards revealed, as comedy always does, a serious wound. We laugh at our or other people’s pain.

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Saturn restricts limits, breaks down and rebuilds. It wants firm foundations and it like rules and structures. It requires hard work and it brings on the pain. Neptune embraces confusion, murkiness, ethereal other-wordliness, overindulgence, escape from pain and avoidance of reality.

We deal with Saturn and Neptune every 9 years in some aspect and right now we have it is a square aspect. Saturn in Sagittarius is having a two year smack up against Neptune in Pisces.

Saturn in Scorpio

During Saturn in Scorpio Saturn was trine Neptune in Pisces and going in-depth with drugs, alcohol and addictive habits was supported by Saturn. People built new structures in their lives around binge-watching television, shutting themselves into their rooms, apartments and homes. For hours and days at a time people would watch entire seasons or series of shows, forsaking bathing, changing of clothing, social outings, interactions with family and friends, classes and work.

Saturn in Sagittarius

Now that Saturn is in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces is not getting support. In this case, Saturn is the faster moving planet and but Neptune will be changed by Saturn. Saturn in Sagittarius is now pushing up against Neptune and it is a hard battle. Saturn doesn’t back down. Saturn in Sagittarius expresses the temper of Sagittarius and its demands for humanitarian treatment and freedom in a slow and steady burn. Neptune in Pisces is a slower moving transit so it has the power, but Saturn in Sagittarius is a formidable enemy. The Berlin Wall came down during a Saturn-Neptune transit. A solid wall (Saturn) was broken down, dissolved (Neptune)  and permanently (Saturn) washed away (Neptune). The manipulative (Neptune) human abuses that came with communism? Saturn don’t play that game.

Neptune in Pisces

Saturn-Neptune is where and whenn the false foundations created through addictive behaviors gets dissolved and broken down, then washed away. This is where the lies and deceits, the manipulations and coverups get exposed because the walls covering them get broken down and washed away. Neptunian behaviors may last for quite a long time, seemingly an intolerably long tie, but once Saturn is in teh picture they have little staying power.

Drowning in Delusion

During Edwina’s childhood she was surrounded by alcoholics. It was terrifying. People drank bourbon and soda for breakfast like she drank milk. There were weekend-long parties that were a sea of drunken adults. These adults slurred their speech, weaved, bobbed and staggered. We children in the family were forced to mix cocktails for the alcoholics (until she defiantly refused to do it anymore one summer, despite being threatened with physical violence). There was also horrific child abuse and sexual abuse perpetrated by the alcoholics and co-dependent silent support from those who were not drinking. The alcoholics were powerful and perpetrated systemic abuse within the family that created a damaged legacy for her. All of this was masked by our prominent prestige as a family. They were known as such a godly, upright, generous family. Most people did not know about the alcoholism. Those who did overlooked it, excused it or lied about it. They were a living breathing sea of delusion and for the most part the family drowned in it. So many died of cirrhosis of the liver and heart problems related to alcohol abuse. So many lies were told. So many watched abuse and kept silent; when forced to speak they denied the abuse was happening and ganged up on Edwina, who revealed the truth.

Edwina’s existence in her family was not welcome by the alcoholic, abusive and deceitful matriarch. Her mere existence exposed the matriarch so she lied about Edwina constantly. She lied so long and so hard that it was shocking to some family members to realize who Edwina was as an adult. People had to change their perspective and incorporate new and painful information about the matriarch and others. Thankfully Edwina was a strong-willed, albeit quiet child with full knowledge of who was who and what was what. She kept it to herself and stayed strong in herself.

As a child, teenager and young adult, Edwina swam hard, barely keeping her head above water in that foul mess until she broke the silence and told the truth to the outside world, making herself persona non grata. She was then, over the years, shunned, excluded, and even physically attacked in her family for not continuing to swim in the delusion. In effect, Edwina lost a great majority of her family because she would not swim in the delusion anymore. When did she break the silence? During a Saturn-Neptune transit. Just like the Berlin Wall (and the wall of communism shrouding Eastern Europe), the wall of secrecy and abuse came crashing down and was washed away, leaving people exposed and without the cover they had used for decades. It was never replaced, although attempts have been made to keep younger generations and distant relatives unaware of the truth and to hide Edwina’s existence and place in that side of the family. Often she was told to forget about the alcoholism, alcoholic behaviors and the abuse. She was further angrily ordered create a life story that does not include it. Now she boldly speaks the truth and it means she never need tell or live another lie to cover for someone else. Sometimes it is lonely but she has learned to find spiritual comfort in living in truth, even though it makes her vulnerable. It also makes her strong. It undergirds her abilities as a healer.

All of this is signified by her natal 4th house Neptune. (You do not need to believe in astrology. Astrology simply works!)

Getting Sober

Healing is about getting sober and staying sober. Getting sober means you live in reality, not in delusion and fantasy. You tell the truth about what is happening, see it for what it is and deal with it. You do not lie or hide. You face things and rebuild what must be rebuilt. You do things in moderation. You face the pains and problems while grounded. Saturn rewards sobriety.

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