Getting To Your Destination: Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces

Getting To Your Destination: Neptune Stations Direct in Pisces

neptunestationsdirectpiscesMoving forward from a nightmare or delusion to a good dream or awakened conscience will now happen for people. That is because Neptune, the planet of spirituality, sensitivity, creativity, blurred boundaries, deception, delusions, psychic intuition and dreams, stations direct at 4º Pisces at 2:04 AM EDT on November 16, 2014. Neptune has been retrograde since June 4, 2014. When an outer planet like Neptune stations direct, we ALL feel the energy because it moves so slowly. Your dreams may be very intense now because you are receiving clear intuitive messages and signs that it is time to awaken fro the delusion and deceit under which you have been living since June 2014. You may even want to sleep much more and find you have less energy Write those dreams in a journal because they are important. You are being clearly told what to do about certain situations and people in your life

Neptune was last at 4º Pisces in February 2014. Whatever dreams you had then which have seemed to be delayed, can move forth now. Whatever and whoever has been delaying you through deceitful means, lies, manipulations and half-truths will now fall away. You may want to sleep more but you WILL get the energy now to move away from them because the mask is off. You can see that what you thought was beautiful is ugly; what you thought was love from someone you now see has been and is deceit and manipulation. You awaken to the truth now and possessing that truth, you will realize now that it is time to move on and move away. Now you can manifest your dreams and stop wasting time on empty promises and delusions.

Are you feeling depressed, sad or “spacy”? Look to your dreams to get grounded. Nurture your creativity (music,, painting, singing, dancing, writing) and immerse yourself in that positive energy. Assist others and show empathy and you will see your problems dissolve  (Neptune).

Sabian Symbol: Moving On To A New Life

The Sabian symbol for 4 Pisces is Heavy Car Traffic Linking Two Seaside Resorts.

This is a Sabian Symbol about going with the flow, flowing out of where you have been submerged in stagnant water and flowing towards moving, life-giving waters. It gives the image of being in a car, stuck in traffic and crowded in; you ave no privacy, no peace and you are perhaps ready to blowup in and explosive road-rage manner over things. You want to get where you REALLY desire to be and the movement is slow.

Transatlantic Flight?

Maybe there is a physical place you now realize you must travel to in order to manifest your desire. You could find yourself in a car driving across a bridge or an airplane flying over an ocean. What is your destination? If you have not reached it, is it because you repeatedly go in circles coming back to the same place? Are you or someone else creating barriers. that stop real human interchange. Maybe now you are feeling there is no escape from that manipulative and deceitful person who has been holding your head below water? Now is the time to pack your suitcase and get moving to your real destination, the one that is the manifestation of a beautiful dream .

Giving and Receiving

Interestingly enough, the quest degree, the degree after this Neptune station is Pisces 5: A Church Bazaar and represents people coming together, giving and receiving, bartering and exchanging in a way that produces a healing outcome for everyone. Now, you know what the other person needs, that you have it and you want to give it. Does your dream, the one from February 2014 and maybe even earlier, involve another person? Now you can fulfill it.

Venus in Sagittarius: Pumping Up The Wild Party Vibe

It would not be unusual that another person is involved. Pumping up the volume of this movement forward is Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money as it enters Sagittarius at 2:03 pm EDT on November 16, 2014 It is time for partying, celebrating, visiting friends, dancing, eating, laughing and having fun. Sagittarius is very direct (read: blunt) but typically with a sense of humor. Lighten up. Let the late autumn sunshine in and enjoy the turning color of life! There is a harvest to be reaped. Reap and enjoy the fruits of your labor. There is great potential for healing renewal in relationships and celebrations such as engagement parties and weddings. It is the holiday season….celebration is the order of the day and healing for the spirit!

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