Getting Unstuck And Opening The Box

Getting Unstuck And Opening The Box


Dear Friends

As we close this year I hope that you will all make changes where needed in your life. If in a reading I tell you that you are STUCK and must make new decisions and take new actions to get unstuck in life, it is no more simple or complicated than that.

Please, if you are UNHAPPY with how your 2014 has gone or how some area of your life has gone, you must get yourself unstuck by making new decisions and taking new actions. I have done readings for people and repeatedly told them that The Hanging Man in their reading indicated they are stuck BUT only stuck because they are not choosing to get themselves unstuck. The Hanging Man is about a) being stuck but b) choosing to unhook yourself from your upside down position and stagnant position by choosing to make NEW decisions and take NEW actions.  We have Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius in 2015. Use this Grand Fire Trine to illuminate, brighten and inspire your life in 2015.

I desire everyone I encounter to have an awesome life and that means I want you to get unstuck. I cannot tell you specifically what to do in your life (meaning I cannot take responsibility for your life) but you clearly know what you continue to repeatedly do…..which repeated actions/attitudes result in no change in your relationships and situations.

As we approach New Years Day 2015, please get unstuck by putting the old attitudes, decisions and actions behind you AND by renewing your mind, thinking new thoughts, taking advantage of new opportunities, creating new opportunities, leaving old hurtful negative situations behind and doing new actions.

Open your new life like a new present in a beautiful gift box, full of joyful expectation, wonder, surprise and readiness to enjoy.

With great love and hope





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