Getting Your Sh*t Together: March 9, 2020 – Full Moon in Virgo

Getting Your Sh*t Together: March 9, 2020 – Full Moon in Virgo

Get out of your way and get your sh*t together!

On Monday, March 9, 2020 we experience a “super moon” Full Moon in the sign of Virgo (10:47 AM PST/1:47PM EST). It is the second-closest moon of 2020 and a time to embody the Virgo spirit of organization, hard work, analytical thinking, patience, review of facts and information and getting yourself together! How else will you heal from your wounds –  the wounds in your relationships, finances, career, health and psyche?

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and now after three weeks of craziness, Mercury stations and turns direct. That means it is time to figure out what you need to remove from your life (it presented itself loudly and clearly) and what you need to reorganize. Maybe you need to bring back someone of something your removed during the retrograde because you had a total lack of clarity during that time.

Clean Out Your Closet

This lunation is called the Worm Moon and signals the start of the season of spring. This is the time for renewal and newness – time to get clear out your closets and the closets of your life – relationships, career/work etc. – remove all the parts of yourself and your life that are impeding your progress in achieving your dreams.
Under this Full Moon in Virgo you will understand:
  • who you need to re-establish better and more clear ground rules with.
  • where you need to create a new way of relating
  • what needs healing and how to heal yourself
  • what you need to learn and what you are to teach.
I have listened to your stories and experienced my own bits of insanity as well as observed them. With the Full Moon, preceding the Mercury direct station, we can make the beneficial changes we must make.

Sun and Neptune in Pisces

This Full Moon in Virgo is in opposition to the Sun in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces. Pisces energy can be challenging because you have the dynamic of two fish swimming in opposite directions and around in circles. There is a lack of clarity and maybe even manipulation or lies happening (or which happened during this Mercury retrograde!). The spiritual basis of that is the struggle we suffer from (self-inflicted) over scarcity. So many of us live with a theology of scarcity – believing there is not enough for everyone so we must take it all for ourselves or at least the majority of it. Look at the current global health situation. We think there is not enough love, money, toilet paper, water, hand sanitizer, friendship, food etc.

Greed takes precedence over being good stewards of our resources. We think we can go it alone when we need other people. We need each other and no matter what we may think, we are all connected. Something one of us does affects another person in some way. Wherever this Full Moon lunation falls in your natal chart is spiritual message about where you need to open yourself to receiving more help from other people – this is the Universe’s way of answering your wishes for more help!

Jupiter In Capricorn

This lunation also occurs trine Jupiter in Capricorn, so it is all about practicality and groundedness. Earth energy is great energy for getting things done! It is all about taking slow and steady, careful steps to reach the top. We have, with this lunation, 48 hours to accomplish this goal. Start putting those plans in place and be ready to make your move and/or for things to change on March 11, 2020.

Order a consultation with me if you want guidance.

This Full Moon in Virgo reminds me of the story of a great woman who knew how to strategize and when faced with a challenge, she pulled it together, handled her business and got it done.

Queen Esther

It is also, starting March 9, 2020 at sundown wherever you are, it is Purim  – a Jewish high holy day. Read the Book of Esther (whether you understand it as fiction or non-fiction) and find a way to give gratitude in your life for surviving the bad intentions of others and thriving through the stresses of life. Queen Esther (I like to think of her as a beautiful, practical Virgo woman) makes me think of wit, intelligence and strength African American women must employ daily to heal the microaggressions of racism and gender discrimination and keep themselves and their families together. Anyway, for whatever reason you have to be grateful under this lunation, take that gratitude and spread it to others by giving to the needy on March 10. We will have just experienced International Women’s Day on March 8. Remember the women in your life and their strengths. Celebrate a good woman in your life and let me know how I can help you.

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