Goddess Oracle Reading: Marriage and Children With The Man I Love?

Goddess Oracle Reading: Marriage and Children With The Man I Love?


The querent/client came to me with a classic question, wanting to know if she would be marrying the man she loved and with whom she wanted to have children.

I used the Goddess oracle deck and pulled four cards:

Past: Artemis

Present: Kuan Yin

Future: Oonagh

Outcome: Damara

The Reading:

The goddess Artemis assures that working about relationship and situation is unnecessary because a) they are fears about being alone, unsafe and unprotected and b) they are fears that are baseless. It is not the relationship or man who protects you; you will be fine without the relationship. Yet you are protected and the worst is behind you. Your inner wisdom tells you this if you listen. In the present, the goddess Kuan Yin encourages you to have compassion for yourself  by setting the intention of attracting only gentle, living kind lessons an relationships. Transform harshness in your relationships by only focusing on the light and live within yourself and the other person.  Release guilt and shame. Forgive. Avoid gossip and badmouthing. Release perfectionism. Know that she protects women and children, so her presence in your reading is a good omen. In the future (Oonagh), stop trying to force this relationship to happen. Take it easy and relax. Nurturing a relationship is a long-term commitment.

If the man you love has been around a long time and not committed, he will change soon and commit OR there will come into your life a new and better man who will commit. You will become a new woman through this loving marriage commitment and he will commit to marriage in a short period of time. You are at the point now where the bad relationship energy is gone and you will have new life. Things cannot be rushed, however, so easy does it. Make no sudden moves and ease into your new life. Your outcome (Damara) reveals that you are attracting children; children will soon come into your life and you will be a parent. This Celtic fertility goddess brings the message of peace and harmony to families and households. You ate being prepared to be an excellent parent to children.

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