GOING FOR THE GOLD: February 3, 2015 – Full Moon in Leo

GOING FOR THE GOLD: February 3, 2015 – Full Moon in Leo

81st Academy Awards¨ Press Kit ImagesSomething will be exuberantly, perhaps jubilantly and most dramatically forced into the spotlight in your life (and on the international stage). We have a loud, proud Full Moon at 14º Leo on February 3, 2015 at 3:06 PM PST /6:08 PM EST / 12:08 AM CEST on February 4, 2015  in Central Europe.

This lunation will bring the Moon trine Uranus at 13º Aries, and the fire will be visible, bold, courageous and unmistakeable. Uranus rules the opposing Sun in Aquarius and he immediacy of the moment will be felt. There will be an urgent bursting forth of feeling and a dramatic display.

This is energy where people will both insist on being in the spotlight ad presented in the best light and/or publicly adored. This is energy where people will shake off the imprisoning shackles of something and boldly, publicly rebel and say something loudly and proudly. The moment is now.

During the Academy Awards we often see actors and actresses use the spotlight to demand human rights, justice and an end warring, as just one example.

As will all Full Moons, there will be endings and these ending will be because someone want to bring focus to something, break free or expose.The presentation may be a golden Oscar©-worthy moment but it will carry truth and reality in it (remember we live in the time of reality-demanding Saturn transiting truth- and justice-seeking Sagittarius; Sagittarius is a fire element like Leo and Aries). It will carry heavy emotional importance. Look to what happened on the previous January 20 New Moon in Aquarius to get a hint.

It makes me think of how Hollywood’s most celebrated and respected annual awards ceremony is not so unusually used as a spotlight moment to make a political statement that strikes a blow for from or otherwise shocks.

There is a very challenging aspect of this lunation. The Moon is one point of a Yod and inconjunct Pluto at 14º Capricorn while Chiron (15º Pisces) and Mars (17º Pisces) are in a separating conjunction. Mars is a trigger as it pulls away from Wounded Healer Chiron. Power and authority will be trounced by the need to go public and express what has built up emotionally and needs to be openly expressed. The need to blow everything out onto the public stage will feel obsessively intense. It feels as though there is great risk in exposing things and speaking truth to power but really once it is out, you are FREE (the Sun in Aquarius in the Yod is the release).

Aquarius is quirky, rebellious and unusual. it is willing to be different, to do differently and stand out from the crows.

With Jupiter Retrograde at 18º Leo is nearby but not technically conjunct…however I think it will lend some supportive energy to all efforts to stand out, stand forth and put it all out there.

Go for the GOLD!

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