Great Balls Of Fire!: September 29, 2014 – Grand Fire Trine

Great Balls Of Fire!: September 29, 2014 – Grand Fire Trine

kilnfire-2We use our plates, bowls and pitchers without thinking much about them. They began as dust, that mixed wth water, became clay. That clay was mixed with more water and molded into a shape. That shape, that plate, was then put through incredible heat inside a kiln, fire blasting around it, over it, under it and inside it. The finished product is a work of art. It is creativity in action.

Mars in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries align in a trine on September 29 that will fire up our creative juices and give us the passion we need to be innovative, entrepreneurial,  individual, spontaneous and broad in our perspective.

It will be hard not to catch the fever.

Keep a reign on anger and remember that humor is a great door opener. This should not be too hard with jovial Jupiter in playful and charming Leo. Mars’ rough edges will get a bit melted into softer tones by Sagittarius’ jolliness as Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. See the interplay?

Mars’ drive is best put into entrepreneurial pursuits, individual expression and innovation at this time. Guess what? Whatever you put out there is likely to be accepted  — and that is welcome to Uranus in Aries which has been raging and warring in the Uranus/Pluto square since Spring 2012. Uranus wants change in the status quo that has suppressed individuality and creativity…but now it has some more support in that venture under this Grand Fire Trine.

Mars in Sagittarius is a man with a plan, a warrior with a just cause, ready to fight for the right of it all. Expect some bombastic grandness of spirit, in good fun and yet, with the fiery position of being ready to go intellectually go to the death.

I expect conversations will be spirited, there might be some roughhousing and there may be a bit of competition, but the outcome is a creative result. There may even be some seemingly unlikely partnerships in producing things.

We will see the full manifestation on October 8, 2014 with the Full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries.

All this heat reminds me of an old song (and we won’t mention the flammability of all that polyester):

Just imagine when Saturn enters Sagittarius in December!

What is YOUR creative thing?

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