Grand Trine In Fire

Grand Trine In Fire

kilnfire-2We are being heaven blessed with the warmth of a Grand Trine in Fire this weekend. Mars, Venus and Uranus are in Aries being supported in fine style by Jupiter in Leo. There is pure gold and initiative in this weekend.

Get out there and make moves on your new beginning in life. As I wrote earlier, this was the traditional ending of the year with the New Year starting March 20. It is now only 19 days until the New Year launches.

I like this trine because it support two areas of my chart in fine style. The stellium lights of a personal planet for me and supportive Jupiter puts the spotlight on me. I am basking in the glow.  As I expected, my telephone started ringing a lot in the last 36 hours with business calls. Proposals and requests are coming in and opportunities are being offered. My potential is manifesting under this fiery aspect. It can for you, too!

Trines are 120-degree aspects. They are extremely harmonious and indicate where energies are working powerfully in positive and beneficial ways to empower you. It means most of this weekend’s energy and the area where change is occurring, is in the house where Mars, Venus and Uranus in Aries are located. The powerful support for making the changes is coming from Big Fat Jupiter. Even retrograde it is powerful because it is an outer planet governing expansion. Retrograde, it will still empower change while it limits excess. You have blessings upon the changes you make in this area. Pluto in Capricorn, representing corruption, control and manipulation, misuse of power or secrets and lies, will not be happy with this fire energy. Because Jupiter will be quincunx (150 degrees ) Pluto, Pluto will be resisting the Grand Fire Trine from both sides. However the fire is too powerful for even Pluto to cover up and extinguish.

jupiterinleoabundanceFire is not always destructive. It can be used to create beautiful and lasting objects. The fire in a kiln creates things which we can use for practical purposes  (plateware, water jars, food containers, welding things together) and beauty/ornament. Fire is known to be an element that is refining or cleansing. Jupiter in Leo represents gold (Jupiter in Cancer represented the precious metal of silver), something which is refined in fire. Burn away the dross and you find gold.

Use this Grand Fire Trine to burn away what is not worthy of you and to refine what is the best of you and best for you in your life. Gold is lasting. Use this time to create space for what you want to be lasting in your life. Use it to create things which are practical and can be put to good use (the influence of the Full Moon in Virgo) as well as to beautify your home and enrich your family life. Use it to create a new space in your life for a new beginning on the astrological New Year – March 20, 2015.

Do you want a new career, relationship or financial life? Now you can finalize a plan to make it happen.

If there is anything on your mind that you want to clarify while you pull your plan together, call me for a Tarot reading or an astrology consultation.

I like this weekend. I truly do.

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