Great Balls Of Fire! – March 2, 2015: Grand Fire Trine

Great Balls Of Fire! – March 2, 2015: Grand Fire Trine

Etching of an Angry Man by W. Hebert, c1770
Etching of an Angry Man by W. Hebert, c1770

Hello Lovelies!!

Goodness, gracious, we have GREAT BALLS OF FIRE!! The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus are all in fire signs today. We have a Grand Fire Trine. This should give us all the push as need, the incentive to accomplish pretty much anything we want to do.

There is a bit of a challenge for people with personal signs in Capricorn and Aries because Pluto in Capricorn continues to square Venus, Mars and Uranus in Aries. Bluntly, there are people out there deeply hurting, pissed off and/or feeling deep rage due to things they have been hiding within themselves for many year and ignoring.
Sound advice during this time is to remember it is always YOUR transit not anyone else’s. No one else is responsible for your emotions and no one causes you to feel emotions. You choose to feel that anger, rage, hurt, etc.  As Viktor Frankl wrote, no one can make you think any thoughts or believe anything you do not want to think or believe.
Under this influence, telling the truth is going to piss off someone or hurt someone who wanted the truth to remain hidden, unearthed into the light and/or unspoken.
However, this grand fire trine aspect is so POSITIVE, I expect that even the hurting and angry folks will find healing in the refining fire. The good will outweigh the bad today.
You can work together with people and create harmony today if you do not try to force someone to do your bidding or think your thoughts.
Jump into the flow! Roll with the ball of fire. The heat is turned up so put on your bathing suit and start swimming.
Call me for a reading today and let’s see what benefit you will reap this week!!
Warm & Fiery Blessings!

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